Spring Program 2001

Forecast and 
Evaluation Forms

Forecast and Evaluation Forms for Spring Program 2001 are provided through the link below.
Information about each type of form is provided below.
Program participants may use the link to create enter new forecast/evaluation forms when necessary.
Please place a copy of all forecast, evaluation, and verification forms in the daily folder.

Intractive Spring Program Forms
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Form Descriptions:

Forecast Area (Domain) Form
This is the first form filled out twice daily, prior to the issuance of each forecast.  This form is intended to describe the large scale conditions in the daily forecast area.

Forecast Discussion Form
This form is used to enter the forecast discussion at 17Z and 20Z daily.

Forecast and Model Evaluation Form
This form is to be issued simultaneously with the 17Z and 20Z forecast products.  It is intended to solicit specific information related to the forecast process and models/data used for documentation.

Supplemental Spring Program Evaluation Forms
This form is available for participants to comment on various aspects of the Spring Program which are not directly related to the forecast product.  Examples inlcude:  Comparison of variable grid displays of the operational Eta model (80km vs 20/40km); Comparison of 40km RUC and 20km RUC forecasts; Comparison of Eta-BMJ and EtaKF forecasts; Comments on experimental analysis/display tools; etc.  This form is also used to document discussion duirng Map Discussion each day.  Multiple forms may be submitted each day.

Verification and Post-Forecast Evaluation Form
This form is filled out for EACH forecast product issued the previous day (17Z and 20Z).