Derecho Composite Parameter (DCP)

This parameter is based on a data set of 113 derecho events compiled by Evans and Doswell (2001). The DCP was developed to identify environments considered favorable for cold pool "driven" wind events through four primary mechanisms: 1) Cold pool production [DCAPE], 2) Ability to sustain strong storms along the leading edge of a gust front [MUCAPE], 3) Organization potential for any ensuing convection [0-6 km shear], and 4) Sufficient flow within the ambient environment to favor development along downstream portion of the gust front [0-6 km mean wind].

This index is fomulated as follows:
DCP = (DCAPE/980)*(MUCAPE/2000)*(0-6 km shear/20 kt)*(0-6 km mean wind/16 kt)

Evans, J.S., and C.A. Doswell, 2001: Examination of derecho environments using proximity soundings. Wea. Forecasting, 16, 329-342.