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20230805's Storm Reports (20230805 1200 UTC - 20230806 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
230805_rpts Reports Graphic
Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
1930 3 NNE Maurice Sioux IA4300 9616 Social media report with picture of tornado south of Sioux Center IA. 1 mile east of highway 75 on highway 10 looking southwest. (FSD)
1936 2 SW Sioux Center Sioux IA4306 9621 Reported by Iowa State Patrol: Sioux Center Fire reported tornado on the ground 2.5 sw of Sioux Center. (FSD)
1940 4 NNE Black Forest El Paso CO390710467 Spotter can visually see tornado on the ground about 3 to 4 miles north of their location. (PUB)
2003 4 NNE Black Forest El Paso CO390710467 Spotter can visually see a funnel cloud to the west beginning to appear ... just north of Monument. (PUB)
2010 5 SSE Air Force Academy El Paso CO389310485 Spotter can visually see a funnel cloud to the northeast of location ... just east of Monument ... near Black Forest. (PUB)
2015 4 ENE Air Force Academy El Paso CO390210480 Spotter reported visually seeing a funnel cloud within the past 5 minutes towards the northeast near Black Forest. (PUB)
2215 2 NE Grand Tower Jackson IL3766 8947 Late report. EF-0 tornado briefly touched down in a field about 2.5 miles northeast of Grand Tower. No damage occurred. Eye witnesses observed the tornado briefly touch (PAH)
2230 3 NE Willow Hill Jasper IL3902 8797 Brief (30-second) tornado touchdown near Mound Church ... near the intersection of 1200th Ave. and 2200th St. Relayed via WCIA-TV and WTWO-TV. (ILX)
0053 4 E Snyder Dodge NE4171 9671 Report relayed from local official ... time estimated from radar data. (OAX)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1900100 Burlington Penobscot ME4521 6843 estimated hail size from Facebook photo. (CAR)
1930100 5 N Peyton El Paso CO391010447 (PUB)
1937175 2 WNW Fondis Elbert CO392310448 Report via social media ... with photos of roughly ping pong to golf ball size hail. Time estimated by radar. (BOU)
1943200 2 ENE Fondis Elbert CO392410441 Social media report of up to 2 inch diameter hail on County Road 102 east of Elbert. Time and location estimated by radar. (BOU)
200010013 NNW Simla Elbert CO393010421 (BOU)
2013125 2 NW Air Force Academy El Paso CO390210489 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (PUB)
2015100 2 SSE Air Force Academy El Paso CO389810485 (PUB)
2020100 2 SE Air Force Academy El Paso CO389810484 Located on I-25 ... just north of Air Force Academy. (PUB)
2022100 3 ESE Air Force Academy El Paso CO389910481 (PUB)
2022100 1 NNW Air Force Academy El Paso CO390210488 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (PUB)
2027125 5 ESE Air Force Academy El Paso CO389710478 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (PUB)
2035175 5 SW Black Forest El Paso CO389610475 Pictures relayed via broadcast media. (PUB)
2038125 3 E Air Force Academy El Paso CO390110481 (PUB)
2040175 5 SSW Black Forest El Paso CO389410472 (PUB)
2044125 6 W Amarillo Potter TX352210192 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (AMA)
2045150 3 W Falcon El Paso CO389310468 Numerous reports of hail 1.00 to 1.5 inches in this immediate region. (PUB)
2046100 4 W Amarillo Potter TX352010189 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (AMA)
2046175 1 E Peterson AFB El Paso CO388310468 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (PUB)
2046150 2 SSW Falcon El Paso CO389010464 (PUB)
2049175 4 WSW Falcon El Paso CO389010468 (PUB)
2053100 3 WSW Amarillo Potter TX351910187 photo submitted via social media. (AMA)
2053200 3 NE Peterson AFB El Paso CO388710466 Numerous reports of ping pong to golf ball size hail. (PUB)
2054100 4 WSW Amarillo Randall TX351710188 (AMA)
2055100 3 WSW Amarillo Randall TX351810187 (AMA)
2055100 3 W Amarillo Potter TX352110187 (AMA)
2056150 4 NE Peterson AFB El Paso CO388710466 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (PUB)
2057200 3 NE Peterson AFB El Paso CO388710466 (PUB)
2059175 5 N Peterson AFB El Paso CO389010472 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (PUB)
2100100 5 W Amarillo Potter TX352010190 (AMA)
2100150 2 W Schriever AFB El Paso CO388010455 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (PUB)
2100150 4 NNW Peterson AFB El Paso CO388810472 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (PUB)
2100175 3 N Peterson AFB El Paso CO388810470 (PUB)
2102100 3 W Amarillo Potter TX352010187 Photo submitted via social media. (AMA)
2105100 1 W Amarillo Potter TX352010183 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (AMA)
2105100 1 W Amarillo Potter TX352010184 (AMA)
2105150 8 S Last Chance Washington CO396210358 (BOU)
2108250 2 SW Schriever AFB El Paso CO387810455 Report from mPING: Tennis Ball (2.50 in.). (PUB)
2114275 4 SSW Schriever AFB El Paso CO387510454 Report from mPING: Baseball (2.75 in.). (PUB)
2123125 5 E Security El Paso CO387410465 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (PUB)
2123100 2 ESE Security El Paso CO387410470 (PUB)
2124250 5 SE Last Chance Washington CO396710352 Delayed report via SpotterNetwork. Time estimated by radar. (BOU)
2126250 7 SSE Schriever AFB El Paso CO387110446 Report from mPING: Tennis Ball (2.50 in.). (PUB)
2131125 4 E Security El Paso CO387410466 (PUB)
2135125 1 NNE Security El Paso CO387610473 relayed via social media. (PUB)
2141175 1 W Loveland Larimer CO404210509 *** 1 INJ *** Social media report from Lake Loveland Park. Estimated up to golf ball sized hail ... though most stones were smaller. One swimmer sustained a large welt/b (BOU)
214310011 SSE Schriever AFB El Paso CO386510446 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (PUB)
2143100 Loveland Larimer CO404210507 Several social media reports of dime to quarter size hail in Loveland from Lake Loveland to Centerra. Time and location estimated. (BOU)
214540013 SSE Schriever AFB El Paso CO386110446 Hail between 3 and 4 inches. (PUB)
214630013 NNE Pinon El Paso CO385910448 Measured 3.3 inch hail with picture on social media. (PUB)
214722513 SSE Schriever AFB El Paso CO386210446 Report from mPING: Hen Egg+ (2.25 in.). (PUB)
214832511 NNE Pinon El Paso CO385810452 Report from mPING: Baseball+ (3.25 in.). (PUB)
214925011 SW Truckton El Paso CO385910430 Report from mPING: Tennis Ball (2.50 in.). (PUB)
2230175 1 N Vernon Yuma CO399510228 Delayed report ... report of golf ball sized hail just north of Vernon. (GLD)
2231150 6 WSW Vernon Yuma CO399010239 Trained spotter reports hail up to ping pong ball size. Started out as quarter size ... then went up to ping pong ball size. (GLD)
2235175 2 WNW Vernon Yuma CO399510232 Trained spotter reports hail ping pong to golf ball size. (GLD)
2240125 2 ENE Vernon Yuma CO399510225 Observer called in a report of hail between quarter to half-dollar in size. Hail was ongoing as of the call. (GLD)
2251100 Fulton Itawamba MS3427 8841 quarter sized hail fell in Fulton. Size is estimated (no coins or measurements in the picture) and time is radar estimated. (MEG)
2259175 Fowler Otero CO381310402 (PUB)
2305175 Olney Springs Crowley CO381710395 (PUB)
2350100 6 S Wauneta Yuma CO402110225 Report of quarter sized hail or slightly larger as a truck drove through the storm. Time estimated from radar. (GLD)
0000175 1 WSW Dresden Decatur KS396210044 Pea to sporadic golf ball sized hail. (GLD)
001020016 NE Kim Las Animas CO374210317 Pictures via social media. (PUB)
0019175 3 NW Dresden Decatur KS396510046 Social media report with picture of multiple golf ball sized hail stones. (GLD)
0027150 1 S Norton Norton KS3982 9989 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (GLD)
0030100 Jennings Decatur KS396810029 several rounds of hail this size through :40 after. (GLD)
0030200 Almena Norton KS3989 9971 Delayed report via social media with photo of hailstones. Location estimated. (GLD)
0036100 8 N Killen Lauderdale AL3498 8752 Social media photo of hail up to quarter size. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0040100 Jennings Decatur KS396810029 Corrects previous hail report from Jennings. several rounds of hail this size through :50 after. (GLD)
0044200 Almena Norton KS3989 9971 Delayed report ... spotter reported hail that was just below tennis ball in size. Time estimated from radar. (GLD)
0055100 1 NW Guide Rock Webster NE4009 9835 Hail up to quarter size ... most smaller. (GID)
0100175 1 W Almena Norton KS3989 9972 *** 1 INJ *** Golf ball sized hail caused damage to a camper ... siding ... and broke several windows in vehicles and the house. One person was hit in the head by hail an (GLD)
0100100 Palisade Hitchcock NE403510111 Public report of nickel to quarter size hail. Location estimated. (GLD)
0103125 Long Island Phillips KS3995 9953 Also estimated 60 MPH winds. (GID)
0133100 1 SW Inavale Webster NE4009 9865 Range from pea to quarter sized hail. Time estimated from Radar. (GID)
0154100 2 NNE Fountain El Paso CO387110470 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (PUB)
0219125 8 ENE Matheson Elbert CO392010383 (BOU)
023117510 S Limon Lincoln CO391210371 Hail lasted approximately 15 minutes. (BOU)
0240100 Stratford Sherman TX363410207 Picture sent in to Facebook. Time estimated from radar. (AMA)
0325100 6 NE Goshen Bonneville ID433711198 Quarter-sized hail ... some were larger. (PIH)
0338100 7 WSW Pringle Hutchinson TX359210157 Time estimated from radar. (AMA)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1220 60 Sedan Chautauqua KS3713 9618 (ICT)
1230 59 2 S Wynona Osage OK3652 9632 Measured at the Wynona Oklahoma Mesonet. (TSA)
1244UNK 3 SW Tulsa Tulsa OK3611 9597 Broadcast media reports tree uprooted ... pics relayed via social media. Time estimated from radar. (TSA)
1252 65 Tyro Montgomery KS3704 9582 (ICT)
1252UNK Tyro Montgomery KS3704 9582 2-3 inch tree limbs down in town. (ICT)
1353UNK 3 SW Miami Ottawa OK3684 9491 Large tree down. (TSA)
1450UNK Prairie Grove Washington AR3598 9432 Large tree snapped at base of trunk. Pic relayed via social media. Time estimated from radar. (TSA)
1530UNK Huntsville Madison AR3609 9374 Uprooted trees and numerous branches down. Pics relayed via social media. Time estimated from radar. (TSA)
1623UNK Mcpherson McPherson KS3837 9766 2 foot diameter tree branch down. (ICT)
1655 60 Wamego Pottawatomie KS3920 9630 (TOP)
1916UNK 1 SW Santa Rosa Beach Walton FL3037 8624 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (TAE)
1916UNK 1 SSE Turquoise Beach Walton FL3039 8631 Tree down near Carson Oaks Ln and Mack Bayou Road. (TAE)
2020UNK Burdette Mississippi AR3582 8994 Large tree uprooted in Burdette. (MEG)
2025UNK 1 SW Parkin Cross AR3525 9057 Large tree down along County Road 804. (MEG)
2140UNK 1 WNW Bartlett Shelby TN3522 8986 Large tree uprooted in Bartlett near Memphis-Arlington Rd and Venson Dr. (MEG)
2140UNK 2 N Lakeland Shelby TN3527 8972 Several trees down across Arlington. (MEG)
2140UNK Arlington Shelby TN3529 8966 Public reported tree down off Chester St. (MEG)
2141UNK 1 SW Bartlett Shelby TN3520 8985 Several trees down. (MEG)
2215UNK 4 NNE Somerville Fayette TN3529 8931 Tree down blocking road East Bound. (MEG)
2216UNK 1 N Somerville Fayette TN3526 8935 Several utility poles were snapped along Highway 76 just north of town. Large were downed as well. (MEG)
2221UNK 1 SSW Medon Madison TN3545 8887 Several trees down along Highway 18 near Medon. (MEG)
2225UNK 5 ENE Bolivar Hardeman TN3528 8891 Reported large tree down on highway 125 in Bolivar ... TN. (MEG)
2230UNK 1 N I10 And I65 Mobile AL3064 8812 Delayed report: Mobile County EMA reports thunderstorm wind damage on Halls Mill Rd. Damage to a roof ... power lines down ... vehicle damage from wind blown debris. Time (MOB)
2231UNK 2 WSW North Terre Haute Vigo IN3953 8739 8 inch diameter limbs and a tree are down across Park Ave between 13st and Lafayette Ave. Per HAM network. (IND)
2237UNK 1 WNW Bolivar Hardeman TN3527 8901 Power lines and a large tree down along Highway 64. (MEG)
2248UNK 4 W Fulton Itawamba MS3425 8847 Tree down in Dorsey (fell onto chain link fence). (MEG)
2257UNK 4 SE Bolivar Hardeman TN3522 8896 Reported tree fallen on house. (MEG)
2257UNK Hornsby Hardeman TN3523 8883 Trees and powerlines down in Hornsby. (MEG)
2258UNK 4 ESE Saulsbury Hardeman TN3503 8902 Several trees down ... powerlines down ... and light post snapped in half across Hardeman CO. (MEG)
2314 69 6 NNE Haigler Dundy NE400910189 WeatherLink site Brunswig shop. (GLD)
2325 71 2 SW Le Mars Plymouth IA4277 9620 AWOS station KLRJ Le Mars Airport. (FSD)
2330UNK 1 E Crews Lamar AL3391 8807 Report of a tree down on power lines along Highway 278 at Brentwood Dr. (BMX)
2346UNK 6 NE Pickwick Dam Hardin TN3511 8816 Tree and powerlines down on Pyburns drive close to Hwy 69. (MEG)
2350UNK10 WSW Cherokee Colbert AL3468 8812 Report of a tree down near the 100 block of Old Natchez Trace Rd. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
2357UNK 1 E Pigeye Marion AL3430 8791 Power lines across Alabama Highway 172 between Hackleburg and Hodges. (BMX)
0000UNK 3 NNW Cherokee Colbert AL3480 8799 Report of a pole down or leaning near the 4000 block of Cross Lane. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0014 59 2 SSE Yuma Yuma CO401010272 winds came from the back side of the thunderstorm as the storm was moving southeast. (GLD)
0015 60 1 SSE Ludell Rawlins KS398410095 6:15-20 PM MT estimated wind gusts of 50-60 MPH. (GLD)
0015 59 2 NNW Atwood Rawlins KS398410105 Reported via Weather Underground KKSATWOO3. (GLD)
0020 70 2 NNW Blakeman Rawlins KS398410113 Trained spotter estimated wind gusts of 60-70 mph. (GLD)
0020 64 5 NNW Heartstrong Yuma CO400110263 Weatherlink. (GLD)
0022UNK Brilliant Marion AL3402 8777 Trees and power lines down along Highways 44 and 129 on the southwest side of Brilliant. (BMX)
0024UNK 2 ENE Sheffield Colbert AL3477 8767 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 2 ENE Sheffield. Report of a tree down on the 1600 block of Southern Boulevard. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0025UNK10 SSE Cherokee Colbert AL3463 8790 Report of a tree down near Mt. Mills Rd and Highway 247. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0025 63 3 N Colby Thomas KS394410104 (GLD)
0027UNK 1 SE Tuscumbia Colbert AL3471 8769 Report of a tree down near Ridge Pointe. (HUN)
0030UNK 1 NNW Tuscumbia Colbert AL3474 8771 Report of a tree down near North Hook Street. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0030UNK 2 SSW Florence Lauderdale AL3480 8768 A social media report of a tree knocked onto a truck in downtown Florence. (HUN)
0030UNK 1 SSW Saint Joseph Lawrence TN3501 8751 Adds to previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 SSW Saint Joseph. Dispatch reports power lines down across US-43 approx 1 mile north of state line and numerous trees down o (OHX)
0032UNK 4 WNW Delmar Marion AL3419 8767 Tree and power lines down along County Road 19 near Highway 129. (BMX)
0033UNK 1 SE Sheffield Colbert AL3475 8769 Report of a tree down near the 500 block of Southeast 17th Street. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0034UNK 1 SSE Loretto Lawrence TN3507 8743 Emergency manager reports a large tree across Lexington Highway (TN-227) southeast of Loretto. (OHX)
0035UNK 1 NE Sheffield Colbert AL3476 8769 Report of a tree down near the 300 block of North Atlanta Avenue. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0035UNK 2 NNW Florence Lauderdale AL3485 8768 Storm spotter reports trees snapped or uprooted near the Foresthill subdivision in Florence. (HUN)
0040UNK Natural Bridge Winston AL3409 8759 Numerous trees down around Natural Bridge and Lynn with power outages reported. (BMX)
0040UNK 5 NNW Phil Campbell Franklin AL3442 8773 Emergency manager reports numerous trees down as well as power lines from Russellville to Phill Campbell. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0044UNK Almena Norton KS3989 9971 Update from previous tstm wnd dmg report from Almena. Report from a trained spotter of 6 to 8 inch tree limbs down. The spotter and another spotter also reported whole (GLD)
0049UNK 6 SSE Killen Colbert AL3478 8748 Report of a tree down near Spout Springs Rd and River Rd. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0050UNK 7 NE Leighton Colbert AL3477 8744 Report of a tree down near River Road and Point Road. Time estimated by radar. (HUN)
0050 60 Oberlin Decatur KS398210053 Social media report of estimated 60mph wind gust. (GLD)
0103 60 Long Island Phillips KS3995 9953 Estimated 60 MPH winds. Also half dollar size hail. (GID)
0106 74 4 ESE Long Island Phillips KS3992 9946 Unofficial personal station. (GID)
0116UNK 1 ESE Winston County Ai Winston AL3414 8732 Winston County Sheriffs dispatch reported trees down on Highway 278 close to the Sipsey Fork bridge. (BMX)
0122 64 Penokee Graham KS3935 9997 (GLD)
0123 70 Hill City Graham KS3936 9984 Spotter estimated 65-70 mph wind gusts. (GLD)
0124UNK Geiger Sumter AL3287 8830 Tree down on Highway 17 near Geiger. Another tree down on Highway 116 between Geiger and Gainesville. Time estimated via radar. (BMX)
0127 59 1 NE Hill City Graham KS3938 9983 (GLD)
0130 6014 ESE The Monument Roc Gove KS387310052 Public report of estimated 60+ mph thunderstorm winds. (GLD)
0131 72 1 NE Hill City Graham KS3938 9983 (GLD)
0135UNK 3 S Hill City Graham KS3933 9985 a power pole was broken at CR N and Hwy 283. estimated time of report. (GLD)
0138 80 Hill City Graham KS3937 9985 estimated 80-90 MPH wind gusts in town. reported a roaring sound with the wind. (GLD)
0150UNK 3 W Johnstown Weld CO403410497 Social media report. Two trees uprooted on High Plains Blvd with a corn field flattened to the west. Time estimated by radar. (BOU)
0159 68 4 NNE Webster State Par Rooks KS3945 9941 Unofficial Weather Station. (GID)
0205UNK 3 E Cullman Cullman AL3418 8678 Trees were knocked down in Berlin. (HUN)
0205 64 6 SSW Stockton Rooks KS3935 9930 (GID)
0205UNK 3 SSW Denison Crawford IA4197 9536 Quarter Size hail. Tree blown on Highway 59 blocking traffic in both directions. (DMX)
0206 62 Plainville Rooks KS3923 9930 unofficial weather station. (GID)
0216 68 5 NW Natoma Rooks KS3925 9909 Unofficial weather station. (GID)
0216 77 9 NNE Codell Rooks KS3931 9911 unofficial weather station. (GID)
0218 80 6 NW Natoma Rooks KS3925 9909 Unofficial weather station. (GID)
0222 62 7 NNE Natoma Osborne KS3928 9897 unofficial personal station. (GID)
0225UNK Griggs Cimarron OK366010212 Time estimated via the radar. Reports of tree branches 5 inches in diameter taken down by Tstm winds. (AMA)
0226UNK 4 WNW Bevill State Coll Fayette AL3375 8787 Trees down near Hwy 107 and CR 51. (BMX)
0227UNK 4 S Auburn Carroll IA4220 9488 Semi trailer blown over near the intersection of Highway 71 and 110th st. Time estimated from radar. (DMX)
0230UNK 2 SSW Auburn Sac IA4222 9489 Outbuilding damaged ... portions blown into field. Delayed report. Time estimated by radar. (DMX)
0231UNK 2 S Auburn Sac IA4222 9488 Tree damage near US71. (DMX)
0233UNK Carroll Carroll IA4207 9487 Reports of trees and a powerline down in the city of Carroll. (DMX)
0233UNK 3 SSE Auburn Sac IA4221 9486 Building structure damaged. Time estimated by radar. Delayed report. (DMX)
0235UNK 2 N Boley Springs Fayette AL3367 8751 Multiple trees down near Salem. (BMX)
0235 78 4 WNW Stratford Sherman TX363610214 Corrects previous tstm wnd gst report from 4 WNW Stratford. A 61 mph wind gust was observed at 9:29PM. Gusts weakened until the 78 mph gust at 9:35PM. A 66 mph gust occ (AMA)
0245UNK 3 N Ralston Carroll IA4209 9465 Trees down south of Bennett Access. Time estimated with radar. (DMX)
0253UNK Lake City Calhoun IA4227 9473 Tree Blown down and blocking Highway 175 in Lake City. (DMX)
0314UNK 2 S Churdan Greene IA4213 9447 Delayed report of tree damage south of Churdan. Damage consisted of broken branches a couple of inches thick. Relayed from social media. Time estimated from radar. (DMX)
0316 71 9 NNE Sunray Sherman TX361410176 Mesonet gusted to 67 mph at 10:08PM followed by a 59 mph at 10:09PM ... then dropped below severe limits. A 66 mph gust was observed at 10:13PM and peaked at 71 mph at 1 (AMA)
0317 61 Great Bend Airport Barton KS3835 9885 (ICT)
0317UNK Pickrell Gage NE4038 9673 Delayed report of 12-14 inch diameter tree and fence blown over. Time estimated from radar. (OAX)
0321 60 Hoisington Barton KS3852 9878 (ICT)
0327 60 1 E Ellinwood Barton KS3836 9857 55 to 60 mph. (ICT)
0329 62 4 NNW Filley Gage NE4035 9656 Measured from a private weather station. (OAX)
0340 65 5 N Silica Rice KS3842 9847 Corrects previous tstm wnd gst report from 5 N Silica. Corrects previous tstm wnd gst report from 6 NNW Silica. (ICT)
0345UNK 4 SW Ithaca Saunders NE4112 9659 Trees snapped and other debris scattered around. Time estimated from radar imagery. (OAX)
0348 66 1 NNW Stinnett Hutchinson TX358410145 Measured by Mesonet. A 62 mph wind gust was observed at 10:47PM. (AMA)
0348 60 Sterling Rice KS3821 9820 (ICT)
0351 58 1 WNW Fritch Hutchinson TX356510161 Observed by Mesonet. (AMA)
0356 65 Nickerson Reno KS3815 9809 trees coming down. (ICT)
0405 65 6 N Hutchinson Reno KS3815 9791 power flickering and heavy rain and very strong winds and down tree. (ICT)
0406 60 6 SW Hutchinson Reno KS3800 9799 (ICT)
0406 63 4 NNE Hutchinson Reno KS3812 9789 personal weather station. (ICT)
0410 59 9 S Barnes Washington KS3958 9686 Personal Weather Station. (TOP)
0410 59 1 E Barnes Washington KS3971 9686 Personal Weather Station. (TOP)
0413 74 Hutchinson Reno KS3807 9791 (ICT)
0414UNK 6 ESE Inman McPherson KS3819 9767 Delayed report via social media of 4 to 5 inch diameter tree limbs snapped. Time estimated via radar. (ICT)
0415 70 1 N Hutchinson Reno KS3808 9791 70+ estimated wind gusts North Central part of Hutchinson- North of Fairgrounds. Power is out. No hail ... heavy rain & STRONG WINDS continue. Some large tree damage . (ICT)
0415 63 Mcpherson Airport McPherson KS3836 9769 (ICT)
0415UNK Mcpherson McPherson KS3837 9767 Large tree limbs down ... size was 4 to 5 inch limbs which caused some roof damage to a home. (ICT)
0415UNK 1 NNW Gretna Sarpy NE4115 9625 Large tree branches broken. Pictures of the damage received via social media. (OAX)
0416 65 Mcpherson McPherson KS3837 9765 estimated 60-70 mph. (ICT)
0418 80 Mcpherson McPherson KS3837 9766 (ICT)
0420UNK Mcpherson McPherson KS3837 9766 2 foot diameter tree branch down. (ICT)
0423 80 Mcpherson McPherson KS3837 9766 extremely high winds in the city of McPherson right now. Several locations without power 11:24 we have downed power lines at Avenue A and Main Street in the City of McP (ICT)
0425 65 Mount Hope Sedgwick KS3787 9766 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from Mount Hope. (ICT)
0426UNK Halstead Harvey KS3800 9751 Delayed report via social media of a tree trunk nearly completely snapped. Health of the tree is unknown. Time of the report was estimated via radar. (ICT)
0428UNK Hesston Harvey KS3814 9743 Delayed report of an uprooted tree in Hesston. Received via social media and the report time was estimated via radar. (ICT)
0431 58 Andale Sedgwick KS3779 9763 Personal Weather Station measured wind gust. (ICT)
0437 70 Goessel Marion KS3825 9735 (ICT)
0439 70 1 E Sedgwick Harvey KS3792 9741 (ICT)
0441 70 Newton Harvey KS3804 9734 (ICT)
0445UNK 4 S Maize Sedgwick KS3772 9746 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 4 S Maize. Delayed report. Time based on radar. Approximately 12 inch diameter tree branch downed. (ICT)
0450 62 1 W Whitewater Harvey KS3796 9716 personal weather station measured 62 mph gust. (ICT)
0451 61 3 ESE Bel Aire Sedgwick KS3775 9722 (ICT)
0451UNK 2 ESE North Newton Harvey KS3807 9732 Northbound lane of I-135 blocked due to vehicle accident in vicinity of Highway 50 exit ... vicinity of rest area. (ICT)
0454UNK East Wichita Sedgwick KS3768 9726 several branches down. (ICT)
0455UNK 1 NE Walton Harvey KS3813 9725 vehicle accident on US 50 and Rock Road. (ICT)
0458 70 Potwin Butler KS3794 9702 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from Potwin. (ICT)
0502UNK Downtown Wichita Sedgwick KS3769 9734 lines down ... poles on fire in Wichita metro area. (ICT)
0502UNK Burns Marion KS3809 9689 power outage. (ICT)
0515 73 1 W El Dorado Butler KS3782 9688 (ICT)
0521 63 4 E Matfield Green Chase KS3816 9648 (ICT)
0527UNK 1 NE El Dorado Butler KS3783 9685 damaged power pole at the north end of the city; some power outages in the area. Also a report of a tree down on the west side of El Dorado (unknown size). (ICT)
0529 72 2 N Eureka Greenwood KS3785 9629 (ICT)
0531 60 Eureka Greenwood KS3782 9629 (ICT)
0553 58 2 ESE Pauline Shawnee KS3895 9567 KFOE. (TOP)
0616 59 Chanute Neosho KS3767 9546 (ICT)
0630UNK 6 E New Strawn Coffey KS3827 9564 8 inch tree limbs down as well as many 4 to 5 inch tree limbs broken off. (TOP)
0655 5913 NNE Camp Houston Woods OK3699 9901 Mesonet station MAYR May Ranch. (OUN)
0735UNK 2 SW Experiment Spalding GA3325 8430 Tree down at Newnan Rd and 85 Connector. (FFC)
0910UNK Lamar Hughes OK3510 9613 Multiple trees and at least one barn damaged. Time estimated. (OUN)
0955UNK 1 E Rome Floyd GA3426 8516 Tree down in 20 block of Ross St. (FFC)
1035UNK 2 SW Bill Arp Douglas GA3365 8482 Tree down on 5000 block of Hwy 5. (FFC)
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Wind Gusts in MPH.
Hail Sizes in 1/100 of an Inch (175 = 1.75")
LAT/LON in decimal degrees to two decimals, see SPC FAQ for more info.
List of Weather Forecast Office 3-letter IDs appear in the report comments section.
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