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20240426's Storm Reports (20240426 1200 UTC - 20240427 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
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Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
1223 2 N Mcalester Pittsburg OK3496 9577 This tornado moved across the northwest side of McAlester ... damaging the roofs of homes ... uprooting trees ... and snapping power poles. The damage survey was conducted (TSA)
1716 2 ESE Ravenna Buffalo NE4102 9887 This tornado touched down at 1216 PM CDT 2 miles east southeast of Ravenna ... and lifted at 1231 PM CDT 3 miles north of Ravenna. The rating was EF1 ... with an estimate (GID)
1723 6 SSW Gholson McLennan TX3163 9726 A brief EF-0 tornado occurred along Wisdom Ct west of Waco. Fences were damaged and large tree limbs were broken. Maximum estimated winds were 80 mph. (FWD)
1726 6 S Gholson McLennan TX3163 9725 A second tornado from the same supercell occurred west of Waco damaging neighborhoods on either side of Wortham Bend Road near China Spring Rd. Damage in these neighbor (FWD)
1726 5 S Gholson McLennan TX3164 9725 Tornado pictures and damage reports from the China Springs area. Time estimated. (FWD)
1728 2 NNE Ravenna Sherman NE4106 9890 Location approximate. May be adjusted. Estimated on the ground for 4 to 5 minutes. Video confirmed. (GID)
1732 2 S Rockville Sherman NE4110 9883 This tornado touched down at 1232 PM CDT 2 miles south of Rockville ... and lifted at 1248 PM CDT 4 miles north northeast of Rockville. The rating was EF1 ... with an est (GID)
1738 Rockville Sherman NE4111 9882 Tornado confirmed with some damage report. Will update pending damage survey. (GID)
1748 3 SSE West McLennan TX3176 9707 A brief ... EF-0 tornado damaged trees west of Heritage Pkwy and south of Easy Rd northwest of Tours. Maximum estimated winds were 75 mph. (FWD)
1748 3 SE West McLennan TX3178 9705 Another tornado developed north of Tours ... just west of Berger Road. This tornado initially damaged trees and a shed ... but strengthened as it crossed Czech Hall Road. (FWD)
1752 3 SSW Farwell Howard NE4118 9865 This tornado touched down at 1252 PM CDT 3 miles SSW of Farwell ... and lifted at 1258 PM CDT just outside the south side of Farwell. The rating was EF0 ... with an estim (GID)
1753 4 E West McLennan TX3180 9702 Tornado pictures and reports from north of Tours to Penelope. (FWD)
1758 1 SSE Farwell Howard NE4120 9862 This tornado touched down at 1258 PM CDT 1 mile south southeast of Farwell ... and lifted at 121 PM CDT 3 miles north of Elba. This was the strongest tornado of the day (GID)
1758 1 S Farwell Howard NE4121 9863 Reported by fireman. Moving north/northeast at the time. (GID)
1806 3 SW Penelope Hill TX3183 9697 The same supercell produced another brief ... EF-1 tornado ... based on eye witness accounts ... on either side of FM 339 southwest of Penelope. The tornado formed in the (FWD)
1814 1 NNW Elba Howard NE4130 9858 Emergency management reported power poles down near Highway 11 and Odell Road. (GID)
1814 2 NNW Elba Howard NE4131 9858 Several reports of confirmed tornado west and north of Elba. Time and location approximate pending damage survey. (GID)
1830 6 ENE Malone Navarro TX3195 9680 A tornado formed just northwest of Navarro Mills Lake ... just east of the Navarro/Hill County line. Damage near this initiation point was confined to split tree trunks (FWD)
1832 5 NE Elba Howard NE4134 9851 This tornado touched down at 132 PM CDT 5 miles northeast of Elba ... and lifted at 154 PM CDT 3 miles north of Wolbach. The rating was EF2 ... with an estimated peak win (GID)
1837 7 SSE Frost Navarro TX3200 9675 Tornado reported near FM 477 near Brushie Prairie in western Navarro Co. (FWD)
1848 2 SW Barry Navarro TX3208 9667 A tornado formed approximately 2 miles southwest of Barry in open country ... based on storm spotter video and eyewitness reports. This tornado moved north and northeast (FWD)
1849 1 W Abbott Hill TX3188 9709 An EF-1 tornado occurred near Abbott ... first developing on the west side of I-35W and CR 2341 where trees were damaged and uprooted. A semi-tractor trailer was rolled (FWD)
1900 4 WNW Dwight Butler NE4110 9710 Center pivot overturned ... tree and outbuilding damage ... road signs torn down. Delayed report. (OAX)
1904 6 SSW Primrose Boone NE4154 9829 A EF-2 tornado started in Greeley County and crossed into Boone County south of Primrose along Highway 56. It travelled north-northeast over 27.5 miles ... doing its mos (OAX)
1919 3 WSW Rice Navarro TX3223 9655 A citizen captured a video of a brief tornado which formed west of Rice ... Texas. The tornado transited mainly bottomland/wetland areas of Cummins Creek ... resulting in (FWD)
1930 1 WSW Frost Navarro TX3207 9683 A brief EF-0 tornado occurred west of Frost in far northwestern Navarro County. A grain elevator was impacted and partially collapsed along State Highway 22 west of Fro (FWD)
1943 5 NW Lincoln Lancaster NE4088 9675 Brief tornado touchdown near the Kawasaki Plant. (OAX)
1950 5 NNE Lincoln Lancaster NE4087 9664 (OAX)
1951 4 SW Waverly Lancaster NE4088 9659 Building collapse. (OAX)
1951 4 NW Bee Butler NE4105 9711 An EF-1 tornado began near the intersection of Highway 15 and Ashland Road moving north-northeast as a broad multiple-vortex tornado. It snapped trees and a road sign a (OAX)
1952 5 ENE Lincoln Lancaster NE4085 9661 *** 3 INJ *** This EF3 tornado touched down on the northeast side of Lincoln near the intersection of Havelock Ave and 84th street causing damage to a business and a la (OAX)
1953 1 NW Waverly Lancaster NE4093 9655 House damaged. (OAX)
1954 5 W Dwight Butler NE4108 9711 Relayed from emergency management. (OAX)
1955 7 NNE Primrose Boone NE4172 9820 4 pivots overturned. 2 hog confinements destroyed. Delay report. (OAX)
1957 4 SW Waverly Lancaster NE4089 9659 Train derailment Hwy 6. Additional train derailment Hwy 6 and I-480. Semi-rolled over. (OAX)
1959 2 WNW Waverly Lancaster NE4093 9657 (OAX)
2000 4 SSE Garrison Butler NE4113 9713 Social media photo of confirmed tornado 9 miles south of David City ... Nebraska. (OAX)
2003 3 NNW Waverly Lancaster NE4096 9656 An EF-0 tornado tracked mainly through open fields ... with time and location identified by a storm chaser video. The damage survey team did find evidence of some minor (OAX)
2005 4 WNW Brainard Butler NE4121 9706 (OAX)
2006 4 WSW Brainard Butler NE4116 9707 Trained spotters confirmed an EF-Unknown tornado with video and photos lasting approximately 1 minute over open fields. Due to no damage indicators hit ... we have to ra (OAX)
2006 2 WNW Saint Edward Boone NE4158 9789 Small rope tornado. (OAX)
2007 3 WSW Brainard Butler NE4117 9706 Trained spotter reported a tornado just southwest of Brainard ... Nebraska. Tornado has since lifted but there are two additional funnel clouds currently. (OAX)
2012 5 SSW Memphis Lancaster NE4103 9648 An EF-1 tornado tracked through mainly open fields ... snapping tree trucks. There was one farmstead that had a barn that was badly damaged and minor damage to a home. (OAX)
2015 4 NNW Greenwood Lancaster NE4101 9648 EM relayed report from 911 call center of confirmed tornado to the west of Ashland ... Nebraska. (OAX)
2025 5 SE Yutan Saunders NE4119 9634 (OAX)
2029 5 S Lindsay Platte NE4163 9769 Emergency manager reported a tornado on the ground 4 to 5 miles south of Lindsay. (OAX)
2030 5 SE Yutan Douglas NE4119 9632 The EF3 tornado developed about one quarter mile west of the West Q Road and 255th St intersection in Western Douglas county where trees were knocked down and a farmste (OAX)
2030 5 ESE Yutan Douglas NE4120 9631 (OAX)
2036 5 ESE Yutan Douglas NE4122 9631 (OAX)
2037 2 S Waterloo Douglas NE4126 9628 Vehicle and building damage. (OAX)
2039 1 N Elkhorn Douglas NE4129 9623 House with severe roof damage. (OAX)
2040 4 SSW Waterloo Douglas NE4123 9630 240th and Dodge. (OAX)
2042 4 N Coyville Woodson KS3774 9589 storm chaser report. (ICT)
2043 3 S New Albany Wilson KS3753 9594 Video confirmation of a tornado. (ICT)
2045 1 NW Elkhorn Douglas NE4129 9626 Very large tornado moving into western Elkhorn. (OAX)
2047 1 NNW Elkhorn Douglas NE4129 9624 Very large tornado moving through western Elkhorn. (OAX)
2047 5 W Newman Grove Boone NE4175 9787 Emergency Manager reported confirmed large tornado 4 to 5 miles west of Newman Grove. (OAX)
2047 7 NE Albion Boone NE4175 9791 EM reported the tornado and there is video evidence from a storm chaser. No damage was found and so this tornado was rated an EF Unknown. (OAX)
2049 3 N Elkhorn Douglas NE4132 9623 Very large tornado near 204th and Ida. (OAX)
2050 4 W Newman Grove Boone NE4175 9786 Tornado moving east. (OAX)
2052 4 SSW Yates Center Woodson KS3782 9577 (ICT)
2052 3 N Elkhorn Douglas NE4132 9623 Very large tornado near Flanagan Lake. (OAX)
2055 2 WSW Bennington Douglas NE4135 9620 Major structural damage to at least 10 homes. (OAX)
2059 2 NNW Bennington Douglas NE4139 9617 (OAX)
2100 2 WSW Bennington Douglas NE4136 9618 Multiple homes destroyed. (OAX)
2105 2 SE Kennard Washington NE4146 9618 Homes damaged. (OAX)
2107 7 S Creston Platte NE4160 9736 An EF1 tornado touched down northwest of 370th St and 175th Ave. It tracked north-northeast ... flipping a center-pivot irrigation system ... snapping trees ... blowing wi (OAX)
2108 4 E Kennard Washington NE4147 9613 Destroyed homes. (OAX)
2110 4 SSE Blair Washington NE4149 9611 (OAX)
2116 1 SSE Creston Platte NE4170 9736 Tornado on the ground south on 18th ave. (OAX)
2118 4 SE Blair Washington NE4151 9607 (OAX)
2118 4 SE Creston Platte NE4167 9731 Building and tree damage to an abandoned farmstead. Delayed report. (OAX)
2120 5 SSW Modale Harrison IA4155 9604 (OAX)
2123 2 SE Creston Platte NE4169 9733 Multiple vortex tornado. (OAX)
2135 Modale Harrison IA4162 9601 Tornado near Modale looks like it roped out. (OAX)
2152 1 N Pacific Junction Mills IA4104 9580 An EF1 tornado damage path began approximately 1 mile north of Pacific Junction ... where the tornado was also reported by a trained spotter. The tornado crossed Highway (OAX)
2152 5 NNW Magnolia Harrison IA4175 9591 An EF-1 tornado touched down south of 174th Trl tracking north-northeast snapping power poles ... trees ... and doing damage to several agricultural out-buildings. (OAX)
2156 4 E Omaha Douglas NE4127 9593 (OAX)
2157 2 NNW Pacific Junction Mills IA4104 9582 (OAX)
2158 7 ENE Omaha Douglas NE4130 9588 This EF3 tornado developed just east of the Eppley Airfield runway system ... about one-quarter mile west of the Amelia Earhart Plaza and Lindbergh Plaza intersection. T (OAX)
2159 3 SE Pisgah Harrison IA4180 9589 Based on eyewitness observation of two simultaneous tornadoes passing east and west of a farmstead ... with 5NNW Magnolia being the western tornado observed. Little dama (OAX)
2201 3 ENE Carter Lake Pottawattamie IA4130 9587 (OAX)
2202 8 E Humboldt Allen KS3779 9530 Storm chaser video showed brief tornado. (ICT)
2205 3 NNE Pisgah Monona IA4187 9591 (OAX)
2207 1 S Crescent Pottawattamie IA4136 9586 (OAX)
2208 7 WSW Treynor Pottawattamie IA4119 9573 This EF3 tornado damage path began near Aspen Road ... just west of 240th Street. The tornado tracked toward the north northeast ... snapping trees and electrical poles a (OAX)
2209 7 SE Council Bluffs Pottawattamie IA4117 9575 (OAX)
2210 2 N Salem Richardson NE4011 9573 DELAYED REPORT. Emergency Management reported a tornado on the ground 2 miles north of Salem ... Nebraska. (OAX)
2210 2 SSW Verdon Richardson NE4012 9572 Emergency Manager reported a tornado and no damage was found. This tornado is rated an EF Unknown. (OAX)
2213 6 W Treynor Pottawattamie IA4123 9573 (OAX)
2214 6 WSW Treynor Pottawattamie IA4119 9570 (OAX)
2216 4 SE Norfolk Madison NE4199 9737 This brief EF1 tornado touched down near Grandview Road and East Sherwood Rood ... causing tree damage at a farmstead. The tornado moved northeast ... damaging large tree (OAX)
2217 2 SW Soldier Monona IA4196 9581 A short-lived tornado developed in an agricultural field and moved generally northeast across fields and pastureland ... damaging outbuildings of farmsteads near the int (OAX)
2220 7 WNW Neola Pottawattamie IA4148 9575 (OAX)
2220 3 SE Norfolk Stanton NE4200 9737 Possible tornado. (OAX)
2223 2 WSW Soldier Monona IA4197 9581 An EF1 tornado developed near the intersection of 260th and 270th Streets. It produced damage to outbuildings at a farmstead near the intersection ... and tossed some fi (OAX)
2225 3 E Mcclelland Pottawattamie IA4133 9562 *** 1 FATAL ... 3 INJ *** An EF3 tornado developed approximately 3 miles east of McClelland ... and developed prior to the dissipation of the tornado that tracked near Tr (OAX)
2228 3 SE Underwood Pottawattamie IA4136 9565 (OAX)
2229 3 NNE Uniontown Bourbon KS3789 9496 A weak EF-0 tornado occurred ... with a path length of 3.12 miles and a width of 75 yards. Maximum wind speeds of 85 mph led to siding damage on a home ... five outbuildi (SGF)
2233 2 SE Underwood Pottawattamie IA4137 9565 (OAX)
2240 3 ESE Neola Pottawattamie IA4143 9557 (OAX)
2241 Minden Pottawattamie IA4147 9554 Very large tornado. (OAX)
2241 4 ESE Logan Harrison IA4162 9573 (OAX)
2245 3 S Devon Bourbon KS3788 9482 Spotter indicated brief touchdown. (SGF)
2245 1 SSW Rulo Richardson NE4003 9544 DELAYED REPORT. Emergency Manager relayed report of a tornado near Rulo over NAWAS. (OAX)
2245 1 NE Minden Pottawattamie IA4148 9552 Large tornado destroying homes. (OAX)
2247 2 ENE Minden Pottawattamie IA4148 9550 Very large multi vortex tornado. At least 1/3 mile wide. (OAX)
2249 1 W Shelby Shelby IA4151 9548 Multiple houses damaged. (OAX)
2250 1 WSW Shelby Pottawattamie IA4150 9548 Very large tornado crossing Interstate 80. (OAX)
2257 3 S Tennant Shelby IA4156 9545 Multiple destroyed outbuildings and a home that lost a roof. Time estimated from radar. (OAX)
2259 Tennant Shelby IA4159 9544 (OAX)
2305 2 W Harlan Shelby IA4165 9537 Significant damage between Portsmith and Harlan. Destroyed home ... cars flipped. (OAX)
2305 3 W Harlan Shelby IA4165 9538 Multi vortex tornado. (OAX)
2306 2 W Harlan Shelby IA4165 9537 Home destroyed. (OAX)
2307 3 ENE Stotesbury Vernon MO3799 9451 An EF-1 tornado occurred ... with a path length of 3.4 miles and a width of 95 yards. Maximum wind speeds of 95 mph destroyed two outbuildings ... and caused a number of (SGF)
2314 2 SW Skidmore Holt MO4025 9508 Fire dept. reported weak tornado. (EAX)
2317 2 E Westphalia Shelby IA4172 9535 (OAX)
2328 5 ENE Defiance Shelby IA4186 9526 An EF2 tornado damage track begins near the V&W Petersen Wildlife Management Area ... and moved almost due north from that point ... tracking just to the west of Manilla. (OAX)
2336 8 ENE Rich Hill Bates MO3812 9422 Fire department reported a tornado east of Rich Hill. Time and location estimated from radar. (EAX)
2342 7 N Rockville Bates MO3817 9409 NWS Damage Survey confirmed a brief EF-0 tornado southwest of Appleton City ... MO the evening of the 26th of April ... 2024. Minor damage to trees along the path. (EAX)
2351 1 S Defiance Shelby IA4182 9534 Delayed report. Video of tornado producing damage. One outbuilding destroyed. (OAX)
2351 1 NNE Defiance Shelby IA4183 9533 A second round of storms moved across Shelby and Crawford counties. An EF1 tornado developed just a few blocks outside of Defiance ... near the track that the first torn (OAX)
2353 7 SW Montrose Bates MO3818 9406 Damage to a structure near Appleton City Lake. Time estimated from radar. (EAX)
2353 6 SW Montrose Bates MO3819 9406 Downed trees blocking Highway 52 west of Appleton City near the St. Clair County line. Time estimated from radar. (EAX)
2355 1 NE Defiance Shelby IA4184 9533 DELAYED REPORT. Media relayed photo of tornado approximately 1 mile northeast of Defiance ... Iowa. (OAX)
2356 1 W Appleton City St. Clair MO3819 9405 An NWS storm survey determined that a tornado briefly touched down Friday evening on Highway 52 at the Bates and St Clair county line ... downing trees and power lines. (SGF)
2358 2 W Manilla Crawford IA4189 9527 Storm chaser shared a picture of a tornado just west of Manilla. (DMX)
0004 2 WSW Creston Union IA4105 9440 Tornado on the ground ... heading northeast. (DMX)
0009 Creston Union IA4106 9436 Tornado with debris near the hospital in Creston. (DMX)
0010 3 NE Lenox Adams IA4091 9452 near 205th and Highway 25. (DMX)
0015 6 NE Creston Union IA4113 9429 Tornado reported to the southwest of Macksburg. (DMX)
0023 5 N Grant City Worth MO4056 9443 Tornado developed near Highway E west of U.S. Highway 169 ... causing minor damage to a residence. Tornado tracked northeastward into Iowa. Time estimated from radar. (EAX)
0025 4 WNW Afton Union IA4105 9427 Power poles with debris on US Highway 34 between Creston and Afton. Highway is closed. (DMX)
0028 4 WNW Afton Union IA4106 9427 Trained spotter reported tornado on the ground east of Creston. Time and location estimated from radar. (DMX)
0031 2 NW Afton Union IA4105 9422 (DMX)
0034 4 ESE Clinton Henry MO3835 9372 NWS Damage Survey confirms a very brief EF-0 tornado southeast of Clinton ... MO. Damage to two outbuildings. (EAX)
0047 1 E Mount Ayr Ringgold IA4071 9421 Delayed report. Report of tornado between Mt Ayr and Kellerton. Exact location estimated from radar. (DMX)
0054 2 W Afton Union IA4103 9423 Large tornado near Afton moving northeast. Debris field reported with damage. (DMX)
0058 5 W East Peru Madison IA4124 9402 Tornado near Word of Life Church. (DMX)
0115 2 NE Patterson Madison IA4137 9385 Delayed report. Video submitted via social media. Briefly touched down and lifted west of Martensdale. Location estimated from radar. (DMX)
0118 2 S Patterson Madison IA4132 9388 Reported to the south of Patterson. (DMX)
0119 4 W Cumming Madison IA4148 9384 Tornadic debris signature noted on radar. (DMX)
0129 4 S Osceola Clarke IA4097 9380 Corrects previous tornado report from 4 S Osceola. Time estimated. (DMX)
0136 Osceola Clarke IA4103 9377 Damage reported near Osceola. Trees and power lines down. Time estimated from radar. (DMX)
0154 4 NW Pleasant Hill Polk IA4163 9356 Structure damage to a home with possible injury. (DMX)
0156 3 SE Des Moines Polk IA4155 9357 Reported by General Public. (DMX)
0159 Pleasant Hill Polk IA4159 9351 Power flashes reported near Pleasant Hill. TDS also noted on radar. (DMX)
0241 Monroe Jasper IA4152 9310 *** 1 INJ *** Reports of damage in Monroe. Time estimated from radar. Update for injury. (DMX)
0403 4 S Osceola Clarke IA4097 9380 (DMX)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1510125 8 ESE Chappel San Saba TX3102 9844 1.25 inch hail reported at Colorado Bend State Park. (SJT)
1703100 3 SE Burleson Johnson TX3250 9729 Quarter hail reported. (FWD)
1704100 Anthon Woodbury IA4239 9587 Report via social media. (FSD)
1709100 2 SE Kennedale Tarrant TX3263 9721 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (FWD)
1710175 2 NE Kennedale Tarrant TX3277 9731 Golf ball hail reported at Little Rd and I20 in SE Fort Worth. (FWD)
1710175 Ravenna Buffalo NE4102 9891 Also reports of dime to half-dollar size hail in Ravenna. (GID)
1711100 Arlington Tarrant TX3269 9713 Quarter hail reported in Arlington. (FWD)
1719175 2 NE Arlington Tarrant TX3271 9711 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (FWD)
1725125 2 N Ravenna Sherman NE4106 9891 Started to cover the ground with quarter to half-dollar size hail. (GID)
1730125 4 NNW Washta Cherokee IA4263 9575 Quarter to Half Dollar sized hail reported by the Cherokee County EM. Time matched up to Radar. (FSD)
1747100 Cleghorn Cherokee IA4281 9571 Report and photo via social media. (FSD)
1754100 1 NW Mount Vernon Franklin TX3318 9523 Corrects previous hail report from 1 NW Mount Vernon. (SHV)
1755100 5 SSW Paullina O'Brien IA4291 9573 Quarter sized hail and heavy rain. (FSD)
1830100 6 S Western Jefferson NE4031 9718 (OAX)
1915175 6 WSW Cedar Rapids Boone NE4154 9826 (OAX)
1924100 Denton Lancaster NE4074 9685 Report of hail ranging from half an inch to an inch in Denton ... NE. (OAX)
1927100 1 SE Denton Lancaster NE4073 9684 ground covered with hail. (OAX)
1935175 Ulysses Butler NE4108 9720 Butler County Emergency Manager reported golf ball sized hail in downtown Ulysses. (OAX)
1941150 4 NW Lincoln Lancaster NE4086 9674 (OAX)
1948175 5 NNW Lincoln Lancaster NE4087 9673 (OAX)
1948175 5 NW Lincoln Lancaster NE4087 9674 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (OAX)
1949125 6 SE Malcolm Lancaster NE4085 9679 (OAX)
1951100 2 N Howard Elk KS3750 9626 (ICT)
1954250 3 E Davey Lancaster NE4099 9660 delayed report time estimated by radar. (OAX)
2001100 2 NW Severy Greenwood KS3764 9625 (ICT)
2002275 3 ESE Ceresco Saunders NE4105 9659 Corrects previous hail report from 3 ESE Ceresco. Corrects previous hail report from 3 ESE Ceresco for wrong date. Delayed report from 4/26. (OAX)
2003150 4 W Moline Elk KS3736 9638 (ICT)
2005100 4 N Genoa Nance NE4150 9773 Report on Facebook of Quarter sized hail north of Genoa. (GID)
2012150 3 NW Fall River Greenwood KS3764 9607 (ICT)
2031100 5 SW Ramona Lake SD4407 9729 Mostly pea to dime sized hail ... but a few as big as a quarter. No damage to anything ... since crops are not up yet. (FSD)
2033100 1 WNW Valley Douglas NE4132 9637 (OAX)
2041100 1 W New Albany Elk KS3757 9596 May have had a wall cloud initially. (ICT)
2100100 1 W New Albany Wilson KS3757 9595 (ICT)
2108125 Blair Washington NE4155 9614 (OAX)
2110150 Baileyville Nemaha KS3984 9618 (TOP)
2111175 3 E Baileyville Nemaha KS3984 9613 Emergency Manager reported golf ball size hail. (TOP)
2112125 3 E Mannford Tulsa OK3614 9630 pic from news media ... time estimated via radar. (TSA)
2112175 Blair Washington NE4155 9614 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (OAX)
2125100 1 WNW Valley Douglas NE4132 9637 (OAX)
2126100 5 W Washington Washington NE4140 9630 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (OAX)
2128150 1 S Skiatook Tulsa OK3636 9600 pic larger than quarter shown on air ... time estimated from radar. (TSA)
2130100 1 E Skiatook Tulsa OK3637 9599 Hail slightly larger than a quarter shown on air. (TSA)
2130100 2 WSW La Vista Sarpy NE4118 9607 (OAX)
2132100 4 SW Vera Tulsa OK3641 9593 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (TSA)
2140100 2 SSW Papillion Sarpy NE4113 9606 (OAX)
2140100 1 WNW Ralston Douglas NE4121 9605 (OAX)
2142175 3 NE Cedar Creek Sarpy NE4109 9607 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (OAX)
2143175 2 W Papillion Sarpy NE4115 9608 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (OAX)
2145200 Papillion Sarpy NE4115 9604 (OAX)
2146100 3 W Blair Washington NE4155 9619 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (OAX)
2147150 1 SW Papillion Sarpy NE4114 9606 (OAX)
2151100 5 NE Chappel San Saba TX3110 9851 Quarter size hail in Bend. Time estimated by radar. (SJT)
2155100 1 NNW Canton Van Zandt TX3256 9587 Quarter sized hail near SH 64 at FM 859. (FWD)
2155100 1 NNE Omaha Douglas NE4128 9600 (OAX)
2155175 Carter Lake Pottawattamie IA4129 9591 (OAX)
2155175 5 NE Omaha Douglas NE4130 9593 (OAX)
2155175 1 NW Carter Lake Douglas NE4130 9594 (OAX)
2156100 1 ENE Papillion Sarpy NE4116 9602 (OAX)
2202275 Nemaha Nemaha NE4034 9567 (OAX)
2217125 4 N Elsmore Allen KS3785 9515 (ICT)
222010010 N Claremore Rogers OK3646 9562 pic from social media ... time estimated from radar. (TSA)
2230125 4 N Uniontown Bourbon KS3790 9498 (SGF)
2230100 3 NNW Corning Atchison MO4029 9548 Social media report of quarter size hail. Time estimated from radar. (EAX)
2238100 5 ENE Corning Holt MO4026 9537 EM reported quarter-sized hail at Hwy 59 and Holt County line. (EAX)
2240150 1 N Chelsea Rogers OK3655 9543 relayed via media ... time estimated from radar. (TSA)
2303150 Hume Bates MO3809 9458 Photo of approximately ping pong ball size hail in Hume relayed to NWS employee. Time estimated from radar. (EAX)
2308100 1 SE Clarinda Page IA4072 9502 (OAX)
2312125 Fulton Bourbon KS3801 9472 (SGF)
2316100 5 N New Market Taylor IA4080 9491 Delayed report. (DMX)
0012175 4 ENE Sheridan Worth MO4053 9454 Photo relayed of golf ball size hail in Worth County. Time and location estimated from radar. (EAX)
0028100 2 SSW Delphos Ringgold IA4064 9436 (DMX)
0044100 3 SSE Chatfield Reservo Douglas CO395210504 (BOU)
0045300 Mount Ayr Ringgold IA4071 9424 Corrects previous hail report from Mount Ayr. (DMX)
0103100 1 WNW Highlands Ranch Douglas CO395610498 (BOU)
0103300 Mount Ayr Ringgold IA4071 9424 (DMX)
0124175 3 NNE Rocky Mound Camp TX3306 9501 Golfball sized hail reported near the dam of Lake Bob Sandlin. (SHV)
0130100 1 SSE Mount Pleasant Titus TX3315 9497 (SHV)
0136100 2 NW Cumming Warren IA4150 9378 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (DMX)
0233100 6 ESE De Kalb Bowie TX3349 9452 One inch hail was reported in the Malta community. (SHV)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1245UNK Mcalester Pittsburg OK3494 9577 Large trees and power lines down. (TSA)
1251 65 4 N Dow Pittsburg OK3494 9559 (TSA)
1935UNK 2 NE Green Valley Clark NV360611506 Powerline knocked down due to high winds as showers and thunderstorms moved through the Las Vegas Valley. (VEF)
1955UNK 4 SW Waverly Lancaster NE4088 9659 Building collapsed with people inside. Potential gas leak. (OAX)
1955UNK 1 NE Waverly Lancaster NE4092 9652 Numerous reports of damage near Waverly ... including trains blown off tracks ... semis overturned. (OAX)
2120 75 4 NNW Kemp Kaufman TX3249 9625 Gust measured by home weather station. Damage to trees on property. Chicken coop blown away. Time estimated from radar. (FWD)
2125UNK 4 NNE Kemp Kaufman TX3249 9621 Reports of several trees down near Becker ... including one that fell on a house. A construction light was also blown over. Time estimated from radar. (FWD)
2145UNK Yantis Wood TX3293 9558 Trees down on multiple county roads in and around the Yantis community. (SHV)
2151UNK 1 NNW Canton Van Zandt TX3256 9587 Tree down with approximately a 12 inch trunk near SH 64 and FM 859. (FWD)
2204 61 7 ENE Omaha Douglas NE4130 9589 Delayed report. ASOS at Eppley Airfield. Measured wind gust as tornado moved very nearby. (OAX)
2205UNK 3 NNE Winnsboro Franklin TX3300 9527 Power poles downed across the southern part of Franklin County ... Texas. (SHV)
2205UNK 5 NNE Winnsboro Franklin TX3302 9527 Trees downed on two structures between Mount Vernon and Winnsboro. (SHV)
2218 58 1 NNE Falls City Richardson NE4008 9559 (OAX)
2220UNK 4 SE Norfolk Stanton NE4200 9736 delayed report Roof taken off athletic training center. (OAX)
2222UNK Grays Prairie Kaufman TX3248 9635 Trees down on CR 4079. (FWD)
2225UNK Pittsburg Camp TX3300 9496 Extensive trees and powerlines downed across the entire county. (SHV)
2226UNK Mount Pleasant Titus TX3316 9498 Numerous trees and powerlines downed in and around the Mount Pleasant area. Three vehicles were impacted by falling trees with rescues ongoing attm. Worst damage was re (SHV)
2230 63 5 S Mount Pleasant Titus TX3310 9497 Measured AWOS wind gust at the Mount Pleasant Airport. (SHV)
2230UNK 5 NW Pike City Pike AR3417 9363 A few trees were blown down in this area. (LZK)
2240UNK 5 SSE Omaha Morris TX3312 9470 Numerous trees down in and around the Rocky Branch community. Traffic stuck on highways because of all the downed trees across roadways. (SHV)
2250UNK Hope Hempstead AR3367 9359 Trees and power lines down. (SHV)
2301UNK 3 NE Hammond Bourbon KS3796 9466 Large trees down. (SGF)
2310UNK Maud Bowie TX3333 9435 Several trees downed in and around the city of Maud ... Texas. (SHV)
2320UNK Hughes Springs Cass TX3300 9463 Trees and power lines down. (SHV)
2330UNK Wake Village Bowie TX3342 9411 Trees and powerlines reported down on the Bowie County side of Texarkana. (SHV)
2349UNK Malvern Hot Spring AR3438 9282 Large tree blown on top of a car causing considerable damage to the vehicle. (LZK)
0000UNK Benton Saline AR3457 9258 Large tree and numerous powerlines are down on Highway 35 South. A tree was also on fire. (LZK)
0000UNK 3 S Paulden Yavapai AZ348411248 Wind from 315 degrees measured at 57 mph. Damage estimate $75 ... 000+ Some rain. (FGZ)
0018UNK Allendale Manor Pulaski AR3467 9236 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (LZK)
0025UNK 1 SW The Heights Pulaski AR3477 9234 A tree was blown over at this location. (LZK)
0025UNK Gibson Pulaski AR3490 9223 Large tree limbs down in Gibson. Winds estimated to be 60 mph. (LZK)
0028UNK Autumnbrook Pulaski AR3484 9221 Large tree blown over and resting on a powerline. Numerous people without power. (LZK)
0030UNK Vilonia Faulkner AR3509 9221 Trees reported blown down in Vilonia. (LZK)
0045UNK Cabot Lonoke AR3497 9202 Trees reported down in the Magness Creek area of Cabot. Numerous power outages reported as well. (LZK)
0048UNK 1 N Austin Lonoke AR3501 9198 Hardwood fence blown over. (LZK)
0049UNK 1 SSW Fairland Ottawa OK3674 9485 Numerous large tree limbs down. Time estimated by radar. (TSA)
0055UNK Beebe White AR3508 9189 Trees down on houses ... powerlines blown over and billboards damaged in town. (LZK)
0100 60 1 N Black Canyon City Yavapai AZ340811214 Trained spotted estimated a 60 mph wind gust in Black Canyon City. Damage reported to digital weather station. Time estimated from radar. (FGZ)
0100UNK 1 NNW Black Canyon City Yavapai AZ340811214 Large tree limbs and branches broken in Black Canyon City. Time estimated from radar. (FGZ)
0110UNK Searcy White AR3525 9173 Numerous large trees down in Searcy ... powerlines also reported down along with fence damage. (LZK)
0115 73 2 N Lorimor Union IA4116 9406 Time estimated from radar. Measured by personal weather station. (DMX)
0138UNK Augusta Woodruff AR3529 9136 Multiple large tree branches were blown across Highway 64. (LZK)
0152UNK Weldon Jackson AR3545 9123 Numerous trees and powerlines down in Weldon. Power is also out. (LZK)
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