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20240514's Storm Reports (20240514 1200 UTC - 20240515 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
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Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
2116 3 NNE Ethridge Lawrence TN3535 8728 An EF-0 tornado touched down on Paige Road north of Ethridge and moved eastward along E Edan Rd and Marcella Falls Rd before lifting near the Giles County line. Damage (OHX)
2137 8 S Kanorado Sherman KS392210205 [Landspout] Report and photo via social media. Photo was taken from the CO/KS stateline and Co Rd 57 ... looking south approx. 1 mile. (GLD)
215516 S Arapahoe Cheyenne CO386210220 [Landspout] Delayed report relayed via NWS PUB. Brief landspouts reported. Original reporter could not tell if they occurred in Kiowa or Cheyenne County. Landspouts we (GLD)
2214 1 NE Newburgh Warrick IN3796 8738 A brief EF-1 tornado with estimated peak winds of 94 mph struck the northeast side of Newburgh ... IN. The great majority of the damage was from uprooted trees and downe (PAH)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1910100 1 NNW Ripley Tippah MS3474 8895 (MEG)
1913100 7 ENE Walnut Alcorn MS3499 8879 (MEG)
1920100 6 WSW Abbeville Lafayette MS3445 8959 (MEG)
1955100 1 S Crump Hardin TN3522 8832 Quarter size hail in Crump. (MEG)
2044100 Princeton Caldwell KY3711 8788 quarter sized hail south of Princeton. (PAH)
2047100 2 SE Hohenwald Lewis TN3552 8753 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (OHX)
2110100 1 NNW Belmont Tishomingo MS3451 8821 (MEG)
211710017 NNW Rushville Sheridan NE429410259 Public report of accumulating hail ... with quarter sized being the largest. (LBF)
2148100 4 W Gordon Sheridan NE428110228 Spotter reported a few quarter sized hail stones. Time estimate from radar. (LBF)
2205125 6 S Eli Cherry NE428510144 (LBF)
2205100 6 S Eli Cherry NE428610144 Ground is white with hail ... largest stone approx. quarter sized. (LBF)
2215100 2 WNW Trenton Hitchcock NE401910106 Report and photo via social media of 1 inch hail. (GLD)
2217175 8 SSW Cody Cherry NE428210131 Public report of golf ball sized hail Time estimated from radar. (LBF)
2225125 4 WNW Trenton Hitchcock NE402010108 Delayed report via social media. Time estimated via radar. (GLD)
2237100 3 W Trenton Hitchcock NE401810108 Corrects previous hail report from 3 W Trenton. Spotter reports hail started as pea size ... becoming nickel to quarter size. Hail lasted approx. 10-15 minutes. (GLD)
2245100 1 W Trenton Hitchcock NE401710103 Report and photo via social media of 1 inch hail 1 mile west of Trenton ... between 445-450 PM MDT. (GLD)
2249100 Trenton Hitchcock NE401810101 Report and photo of 1 inch hail in Trenton. (GLD)
2250125 2 E Trenton Hitchcock NE401710098 Report and photo via social media of half dollar size hail. Time estimated from radar. (GLD)
2323100 1 NW Needmore Winston AL3426 8761 Social media photos of quarter size hail near Haleyville. Location approximate. (BMX)
0105175 7 NW Bassett Rock NE4266 9963 Fire department reported hail ranging from quarter to golf ball sized. (LBF)
0112100 6 SE Long Pine Rock NE4247 9962 Brief period of quarter size hail. Time estimated from radar. (LBF)
0115100 6 NNE Bassett Rock NE4266 9949 Public report of quarter sized hail and smaller. Time estimated from radar. (LBF)
0119100 4 ESE Burton Keya Paha NE4289 9952 Nickel to quarter sized hail ... heavy rain creating ponding and runoff on driveway. (LBF)
0140175 1 S Rose Rock NE4216 9953 Report via Slack chat. Time estimated from radar. (LBF)
0148293 Evansville Vanderburgh IN3798 8754 2.93 inches cumulative rainfall from trained spotter on the southeast side of Evansville produced local street and yard flooding. (PAH)
0213100 1 W North Platte Lincoln NE411410080 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (LBF)
0217125 1 E North Platte Lincoln NE411310075 Time estimated from radar. (LBF)
0221100 1 SE North Platte Lincoln NE411210076 (LBF)
0223100 4 E North Platte Lincoln NE411310069 Mostly nickel sized hail with quarters mixed in at the NWS Office. (LBF)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1315UNK 1 W Thunderbolt Chatham GA3204 8107 Tree down on powerline. (CHS)
1319UNK 5 N Burroughs Chatham GA3204 8126 Tree down blocking roadway. (CHS)
1320UNK 2 SW Savannah Chatham GA3203 8112 Tree down on roadway. (CHS)
1321UNK 1 SE Savannah Chatham GA3204 8107 Tree down blocking access to a church. (CHS)
1321UNK 2 NNW Savannah Chatham GA3207 8110 Power line down at 411 Whitaker St. (CHS)
1323UNK 2 WSW Pooler Chatham GA3211 8128 Lightning strike on commercial building. (CHS)
1340UNK 3 E Springfield Effingham GA3238 8133 Tree down at intersection of Old Tusculum Rd and Standard Lane. (CHS)
1515 60 1 NW Tarpon Springs Pinellas FL2816 8277 A mesonet site reported 60 mph wind gust. (TBW)
1520UNK 1 S Largo Pinellas FL2789 8278 Largo Fire Department and Pinellas Emergency Management reported 15 buildings damaged ... of which 7 were uninhabitable ... at Pointe West Mobile Home Park. Time estimate (TBW)
1530 64 2 ESE Palm Harbor Pinellas FL2808 8273 A mesonet site in Palm Harbor reported 64 mph wind gust. (TBW)
1540 59 1 W Tampa International Hillsborough FL2798 8253 Mesonet station 1829W Fswn Tampa International Airport. (TBW)
2025UNK 2 NNE Eddyville Lyon KY3710 8807 A couple of trees down ... one on a house in Eddyville. (PAH)
2040UNK 3 NW Brownsville Marlboro SC3443 7963 Long path of trees downed and snapped. Possible tornado. (ILM)
2101UNK 2 E Taylortown Moore NC3521 7946 Two trees down on Longleaf Dr. East. Time estimated from radar. (RAH)
2102UNK 1 ESE Southern Pines Moore NC3518 7939 Duke Energy outage caused by fallen trees or limbs damaging equipment. (RAH)
2109UNK 3 W Ethridge Lawrence TN3532 8735 Large tree blocking north bound lane of TN 242. 2535 Buffalo Road. (OHX)
2114UNK 3 NE Ethridge Lawrence TN3535 8726 Reports of multiple barns destroyed on East Edan Road ... northeast of Ethridge. (OHX)
2119UNK 3 NE Ethridge Lawrence TN3535 8727 Large tree uprooted on East Edan Road near Ethridge. (OHX)
2119UNK 4 NE Ethridge Lawrence TN3536 8725 Multiple large uprooted trees on Jap Lane. (OHX)
2120UNK 4 NE Ethridge Lawrence TN3537 8726 House with roof damage. (OHX)
2127UNK 7 W Lynnville Giles TN3538 8713 Facebook photos show a farm was damaged on Smith Hollow Rd at Campbellsville Pike with a silo falling into a swimming pool and several trees blown down. (OHX)
2156UNK 6 NNW Lewisburg Marshall TN3553 8682 Tree on hwy. (OHX)
2200UNK Marion Marion SC3418 7940 Windows blown out ... roofs collapsed and multiple trees down along and near Main St by possible tornado. Time estimated by radar. (ILM)
2200UNK 3 SE Lewisburg Marshall TN3542 8674 Tree down on Snake Creek Road. (OHX)
2200UNK 4 W Lewisburg Marshall TN3545 8686 Tree down on Webb Road. (OHX)
2205UNK 4 SSE Red Springs Robeson NC3476 7916 Roof damage and trees down from possible tornado. Time estimated from radar. (ILM)
2213UNK 1 NE Newburgh Warrick IN3795 8740 Several large tree limbs down at Sharon Road and Kenwood Drive. Time estimated from radar. (PAH)
2223UNK 6 E Petersburg Moore TN3532 8653 A downed power line was reported by Moore County EMA at the intersection of Shelbyville HWY and Charity Rd. (HUN)
2225UNK 2 SSE Lynchburg Moore TN3526 8634 Report from broadcast media of a tree down on Tanyard Hill Rd in Moore County ... TN. (HUN)
2227UNK 3 NNW Lynchburg Moore TN3532 8637 Report of a tree down across Flat Creek HWY from Moore County EMA. (HUN)
2235UNK 3 NW Normandy Bedford TN3548 8630 Tree down on Hwy 269. (OHX)
2236UNK 2 SSE Normandy Coffee TN3543 8624 Tree down on Cascade Hollow Road. (OHX)
2237UNK Normandy Bedford TN3545 8626 Trees down on Normandy Road in Normandy and along Highway 269 south of Normandy. (OHX)
2240UNK 2 ESE Normandy Coffee TN3544 8622 Coffee County Highway Dept reported trees down blocking several roads in the southwest part of the county including Riley Creek Road ... Cedar Point Road ... and Oak Hill (OHX)
2257UNK 3 NNE Cedar Creek Cumberland NC3499 7874 Tree reported down and blocking Carl Freeman Rd. near the intersection of NC Hwy 210. Time estimated by radar. (RAH)
2302UNK 3 SW Corinth Logan KY3675 8683 Delayed report. Several trees down near Berea Church Road. (LMK)
2305UNK 4 WNW Morrison Coffee TN3562 8599 Coffee County Highway Department reported trees down blocking several roads in eastern parts of the county including Casey Road and Bell Road. (OHX)
2320UNK 4 ESE Huntsville Madison AL3468 8656 Tree down on home. (HUN)
2349UNK 6 E Evergreen Columbus NC3442 7880 County EM reported 4 houses damaged on Red Store Rd near Old Lumberton Rd from a possible tornado. Time estimated by radar. (ILM)
2355UNK Sparta White TN3593 8547 Scattered trees and power poles down across the county. (OHX)
0012UNK 2 N Turkey Sampson NC3502 7819 Tree down near the intersection of Cabin Museum Rd. and Old Warsaw Rd. (RAH)
0035 58 4 NNE Colome Tripp SD4331 9969 (UNR)
0102 81 7 NW Elk Mountain Carbon WY417510652 From WY18 Halleck Ridge Wind Sensor. (CYS)
0652UNK 5 SW Espanola Flagler FL2946 8137 Power outage Mondex about 10 miles west of Bunnell. (JAX)
0742UNK Flagler Beach Flagler FL2947 8113 Power outage reported for south Flagler Beach. (JAX)
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