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20240516's Storm Reports (20240516 1200 UTC - 20240517 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
240516_rpts Reports Graphic
Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
2030 9 S Mentone Reeves TX315710359 [Landspout] Video relayed by media. (MAF)
221218 NE Whitewater Phillips MT489410735 [Landspout] (GGW)
221516 N Whitewater Phillips MT489410735 [Landspout] Corrects previous landspout report from 18 NE Whitewater. (GGW)
2244 5 SSE Pine Island Waller TX2999 9599 Large metal barn destroyed ... Trailers rolled. Metal debris strewn 1000 yards to SE. Tree fall in multiple directions ranging from S to NW. (HGX)
2308 4 SSW Cypress Harris TX2992 9570 Tornado touched down near intersection of Tuckerton and Greenhouse Roads then tracked southeastward through Highlands subdivision. Numerous single family homes had roof (HGX)
0346 5 NW Convent St. James LA3007 9089 NWS Storm Survey team determined an EF-1 tornado ... with a peak wind of 105 mph and a maximum width of 120 yards ... impacted Romeville in St. James Parish. This tornado (LIX)
0351 3 NNW Convent St. James LA3006 9085 Multiple reports of trees and power poles down. CC drop detected on radar as well. (LIX)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1740100 1 W Snyder Scurry TX327110093 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (MAF)
1743175 Snyder Scurry TX327110092 (MAF)
1821100 2 WSW Lake Alan Henry Garza TX330610108 Observed on live-streaming webcam. Mostly dime to nickel size with a few quarter size stones. (LUB)
1931100 1 NE Broaddus San Augustine TX3132 9425 A picture was posted to social media of quarter size hail that fell near Broaddus. (SHV)
2124100 5 WNW Livingston Polk TX3074 9502 County dispatch reported 1 inch hail over Diamond Lil Strip. (HGX)
215530010 NNW Texon Reagan TX313610177 3 inch diameter hail measured ... photo via Twitter/X. (MAF)
2200125 4 W Stiles Reagan TX314110163 Public photo shared of half dollar size hail. (MAF)
2239100 West Odessa Ector TX318410250 multiple observations of quarter sized hail in West Odessa. (MAF)
2242250 3 WNW Odessa Ector TX318810242 Time estimated by radar. (MAF)
2250175 Odessa Ector TX318510237 golf ball sized hail observed at University and Grandview in Odessa. (MAF)
2257100 2 SW Mission Dorado Ector TX318910230 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (MAF)
2305275 6 N Barnhart Irion TX312210118 (SJT)
2312100 5 W Midland Midland TX320010217 Hail ranged from half inch to quarter size at SH191 and Avalon. (MAF)
231415011 WSW Mertzon Irion TX311810098 (SJT)
2315125 4 WNW Cotton Flat Midland TX319510212 Photo showing approximately half dollar size hail. (MAF)
2317100 Crane Crane TX313910235 (MAF)
234310015 NNW Eldorado Schleicher TX310510074 (SJT)
2352100 4 SW Christoval Tom Green TX311610056 (SJT)
2357125 1 SW Rankin Upton TX312210195 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (MAF)
0000100 1 S Buna Jasper TX3043 9396 Corrects previous hail report from 1 S Buna. Public photo of quarter size hail in Buna. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0101100 1 WNW Menard Menard TX3093 9981 COOP Observer reported quarter size hail and 50 mph winds just south of the Menard Airport at 8:01 PM. (SJT)
0102125 2 N Menard Menard TX3094 9978 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (SJT)
0118150 4 W Hext Menard TX3087 9960 (SJT)
0150200 Mason Mason TX3075 9924 Golf ball and larger hail across Mason. (SJT)
0215100 2 N Luverne Steele ND4728 9793 1 inch hail reported 2 miles north of Luverne ND. (FGF)
0240100 Pillsbury Barnes ND4721 9779 Delayed report from social media ... Time estimated from radar. (FGF)
0324100 Page Cass ND4716 9757 Delayed report ... relayed via media. (FGF)
0445175 Medina Bandera TX2980 9925 2 minutes of hail with max size of golfballs. (EWX)
0500125 Bandera Bandera TX2973 9907 Picture of half dollar sized hail. (EWX)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1745UNK Immokalee Collier FL2642 8144 Pictures on social media of damage left behind after strong thunderstorm. Medium-large tree limbs broken ... power line poles down ... tents blown over. (MFL)
1745UNK 1 ENE Immokalee Collier FL2643 8142 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 ENE Immokalee. Several downed trees and powerlines across Immokalee. Tree down at South 9th and Palmetto Ave blocking entir (MFL)
1940UNK 6 N Hemphill Sabine TX3143 9385 Numerous power outages in Milam ... TX. (SHV)
2115UNK 4 WNW Tanglewood Forest Travis TX3019 9790 6+ inch diameter tree snapped in Circle C Neighborhood in South Austin. (EWX)
2115UNK 5 W Livingston Polk TX3070 9502 Fallen Trees and home damage reported along Wolf Run road. (HGX)
2120UNK 4 W Bastrop Bastrop TX3011 9737 Damage to a carport ... tossed and mangled and partially removed roof damage to a barn in west Bastrop. Time approximated via radar. (EWX)
2126UNK Woodville Tyler TX3078 9442 Tyler county 911 reported powerlines down and power outages occurred across the county with the storms passage. (LCH)
2127UNK 4 SSW Wells Branch Travis TX3039 9770 Large tree down in north Austin via Slack. (EWX)
2131UNK 1 SE Jollyville Travis TX3044 9774 Large tree down over the road at McNeil and Parmer in north Austin. (EWX)
2135 68 3 N Plains Yoakum TX332310284 West Texas Mesonet. Also gusted to 59 mph from 4:36 to 4:37 PM. (LUB)
2145UNK 9 S Giddings Fayette TX3006 9691 Delayed social media report of downed trees ... several large tree limbs ... and minor cosmetic damage within the town of Warda. (EWX)
2145UNK 5 SW Lincoln Lee TX3023 9702 Report relayed via the public from NWS HGX of wind damage and numerous trees limbs down along Highway 21 and Private Rd 80 northwest of Giddings. (EWX)
2145UNK 6 NNW New Waverly Walker TX3061 9552 Trees down on roadways. (HGX)
2155UNK 5 W Bastrop Bastrop TX3012 9738 Report from mPING 3-inch tree limbs broken; Power poles broken. (EWX)
2157UNK 4 ENE Round Top Fayette TX3009 9664 Damage to a barn as well as a flipped RV near Winedale off FM 2714. (EWX)
2200UNK 4 W Carmine Fayette TX3012 9675 Report from mPING Trees uprooted or snapped; Roof blown off. (EWX)
2210UNK 9 SE Burton Washington TX3008 9651 Trees down. Funnel cloud sighted ... possible tornado. Near Wesley. (HGX)
2213UNK Jasper Jasper TX3092 9400 Jasper county 911 reports multiple power outages and power lines down across the county with the storms passage. (LCH)
2213 61 6 NNW Levelland Hockley TX336610240 (LUB)
2215UNK La Grange Fayette TX2991 9688 Numerous reports of wind damage in addition to power outages in Fayette County ... including the city of La Grange. (EWX)
2215UNK 1 W Notrees Ector TX319210277 Photo shared of a collapsed radio tower near Notrees. Time is estimated from radar. Wind speeds are estimated to have been approximately 110-120 MPH. (MAF)
2219UNK 8 SW Paynes Corner Gaines TX326310288 Seminole Fire Department reported power lines down at CR316 and CR327. (MAF)
2223UNK 1 W Round Top Fayette TX3006 9670 Report from mPING 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (EWX)
2229UNK 2 SE La Grange Fayette TX2989 9685 Report from mPING 3-inch tree limbs broken; Power poles broken. (EWX)
2230UNK 2 NE Bellville Austin TX2997 9624 Trees down ... metal roofs blown off. (HGX)
2245UNK Pine Island Waller TX3006 9603 Trees down. Social media. (HGX)
2245UNK 1 NE Prairie View Waller TX3009 9598 Trees down. (HGX)
2250 71 1 (LC)
2250 71 1 SW College Station Brazos TX3061 9634 Mesonet station 1757W Texas A&m Kyle Field. (HGX)
2251 65 6 NE Odessa Ector TX319210230 Estimated 60 to 70 mph wind gusts at Billy Hext and SH 191. (MAF)
2253 64 3 NW Wink Winkler TX317810320 ASOS station KINK Wink. (MAF)
2255UNK 8 SSW Waller Waller TX2994 9595 Roof damage to newly built home. (HGX)
2255UNK 8 SSE De Ridder Beauregard LA3075 9324 Powerlines and power poles blown down along portions of hwy 171 south of Deridder. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
2256 63 4 NNE Shallowater Lubbock TX337410197 West Texas Mesonet. (LUB)
2258 69 1 NNE Hempstead Waller TX3011 9608 Mesonet station 030HC 4650 Hwy 6 At Sh290. (HGX)
2300UNK 1 S Katy Harris TX2979 9582 Trees downed. (HGX)
2300UNK 4 E Waller Harris TX3006 9586 Roof damage Kermier Rd and Pine Tree Lane. Debris multiple directions. (HGX)
2300 6010 WNW Pyote Ward TX316010327 Mesonet station FW9693 Pyote. (MAF)
2302UNK 4 S Sam Rayburn Dam Jasper TX3101 9410 Numerous power outages resulting from downed powerlines from trees. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
2303 59 1 NNW Lubbock Int. Airp Lubbock TX336710182 ASOS station KLBB Lubbock Intl Airport. (LUB)
2310UNK 7 SW Cypress Harris TX2990 9576 Transmission lines down. (HGX)
2310UNK 6 WNW Honey Island Hardin TX3041 9453 Corrects previous flash flood report from 6 WNW Honey Island. HAM reports large tree down across FM 1293 in Honey Island. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
2310UNK 4 N Longville Beauregard LA3067 9324 Utility company reports numerous power outages across Beauregard parish. Trees down on power lines and power poles blown down. (LCH)
2315UNK Jersey Village Harris TX2989 9557 Multiple trees down. (HGX)
2315 65 5 WSW Cypress Harris TX2995 9574 Mesonet station CW9236 Cypress. (HGX)
2315 70 5 NNW Mission Dorado Ector TX319810230 Mesonet station FW9685 Odessa. (MAF)
2320UNK 2 S Midland Midland TX319710207 Storm chaser sent a photo of a gas station canopy destroyed. (MAF)
2323UNK 3 N Odessa Ector TX318910238 Large tree uprooted near Sherwood Park. (MAF)
2325UNK 3 NNE Odessa Ector TX319010236 Large tree uprooted and street light taken down by high winds. (MAF)
2326 71 5 NNW Odessa Ector TX319210240 ASOS station KODO Odessa. (MAF)
2327 58 1 S Plainview Hale TX341810171 West Texas Mesonet. (LUB)
2328 76 1 NW Midland Internatio Midland TX319510220 ASOS station KMAF Midland. (MAF)
2330UNK 3 N Houston Harris TX2981 9539 *** 4 FATAL *** 4 confirmed fatalities and 1 unconfirmed fatality across different locations across the Houston metro area from fallen trees and a crane incident. (HGX)
2330UNK 4 SSE Aldine Harris TX2986 9536 Large trees down I45 & Parker Rd. (HGX)
2330 60 2 S Plainview Hale TX341710172 AWOS station KPVW Hale County Airport. (LUB)
2335UNK 1 WNW Mission Dorado Ector TX319210229 Rosas Cafe sign blown apart. (MAF)
2335 59 3 NNW Midland Midland TX320310210 AWOS station KMDD Midland Airpark. (MAF)
2339UNK 4 W Jacinto City Harris TX2977 9531 Multiple trees down. Denver Harbor area. (HGX)
2341UNK 2 NE Jacinto City Harris TX2978 9522 Widespread trees downed across the area. Homes damaged throughout the neighborhood. (HGX)
2343UNK 1 SE Houston Harris TX2976 9537 Numerous windows blown out downtown skyscrapers. (HGX)
2343UNK 2 SSW Evadale Jasper TX3031 9408 Photo of tree blown down on a powerline south of Evadale. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
2345 62 6 N Aldine Harris TX3000 9537 ASOS station KIAH Houston Intnl. (HGX)
2345UNK 1 ESE Mission Dorado Midland TX319110225 Multiple areas of wind damage including billboards blown apart and a radio tower collapsed along Bus 20. (MAF)
2348UNK 2 ESE Greenwood Midland TX320210187 Small shed blown away and dumpster tipped over. (MAF)
2351UNK 2 NE Evadale Jasper TX3036 9404 Numerous power poles and trees knocked down or snapped off. (LCH)
2352 59 3 NW Greenwood Midland TX320710194 Mesonet station UR098 3.3 NW Greenwood (UPR). (MAF)
2353UNK 6 SSW Oakdale Allen LA3074 9270 Photo of numerous power poles snapped off on Hwy 165 from storms south of Oakdale. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
2354 63 1 N Deer Park Harris TX2971 9512 Mesonet station PTKT2 650 Patricks Bayou At East 8th S. (HGX)
2354 66 5 SW Saint Lawrence Glasscock TX316610160 Mesonet station 55 5SW St. Lawrence ... TX. (MAF)
2355 71 2 E West University Pla Harris TX2972 9540 AWOS station KMCJ Houston Univ. (HGX)
2356UNK 5 ENE Bleakwood Newton TX3072 9375 Report of tree down on FM 363 and Lewis Chapel. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
2357UNK 1 SSE Buna Jasper TX3043 9396 Power pole snapped off by the storm was replaced in downtown Buna. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
2357UNK Oberlin Allen LA3062 9277 Report of a tree down along hwy 26 south of Oberlin. (LCH)
2359UNK Gist Jasper TX3027 9391 Report of tree down on the southbound land of hwy 62 near the New Cherry Grove Baptist Church. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
0000 62 4 NNE Brookside Village Harris TX2963 9528 ASOS station KHOU Houston Hobby. (HGX)
0000UNK 3 SW Baytown Harris TX2972 9500 Numerous trees and power lines down. (HGX)
0000UNK 1 WSW Buna Jasper TX3044 9397 Public video of siding damage to Cougar Stop in Buna ... TX. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0000UNK 2 W Midland Midland TX320110212 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (MAF)
0001 78 1 S Highlands GMZ335 TX2979 9506 Mesonet station HLNT2 G103 San Jacinto River At I-10 E. (HGX)
0002 74 3 SE Channelview Harris TX2976 9508 Mesonet station SCPT2 2200 Houston Ship Channel At Jua. (HGX)
0003 59 Midland International Midland TX319410219 Mesonet station MNDT2 Midland. (MAF)
0005 78 2 SE Channelview GMZ335 TX2976 9508 Multiple ships along the upper Houston Ship Channel have either broken away or are currently being supported by tugs. A pollution incident is reported at Kavavnaugh Doc (HGX)
0007UNK 2 WSW Cove Chambers TX2980 9485 Wind blew back part of roof at Chambers County EMS in Cove. Time estimated by radar. (HGX)
0010UNK 1 WSW Saratoga Hardin TX3028 9454 Large trees blow down across FM 770 about 1 mile west of Saratoga TX. Several power lines down in the same area as well. (LCH)
0011UNK 2 S Midland Midland TX319710207 Report from mPING: Trees uprooted or snapped; Roof blown off. (MAF)
0012UNK 6 NNW Starks Calcasieu LA3039 9370 Power outages reported near Old River rd due to downed power lines. (LCH)
0015 62 Morgan's Point Harris TX2968 9501 Mesonet station 9221D Morgan's Point. (HGX)
0015 63 3 SE Baytown Chambers TX2972 9494 Mesonet station CBHT2 1710 Cedar Bayou At Sh 99. (HGX)
0020UNK 7 N Starks Beauregard LA3042 9369 Numerous power outages reported north of Starks near Smith Cemetery rd due to downed powerlines. (LCH)
0020UNK 8 ESE Call Newton TX3055 9376 Numerous power outages resulting from downed power lines and trees. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0022UNK 4 N Starks Calcasieu LA3037 9367 Public report of trees down along hwy 109 near the Starks community. (LCH)
0025UNK 4 WSW Silsbee Hardin TX3032 9424 Fire dept working an area of downed power lines southwest of Silsbee. (LCH)
0025 65 3 NW Forsan Howard TX321410140 Tree limbs down. (MAF)
0033UNK 5 ENE Pine Prairie Evangeline LA3082 9235 Photo of large tree down in Bayou Chicot. Time estimated by radar when a hail core was descending out of storm. (LCH)
0034UNK 4 ENE Kountze Hardin TX3040 9425 Fire department working power lines down between Kountze and Silsbee. (LCH)
0040 70 Sterling City Sterling TX318410099 Estimated 70+ mph winds at Sterling City. (SJT)
0045UNK 3 NNE Sterling City Sterling TX318810096 Tin roof blown off a structure along Highway 158 northeast of Sterling City. (SJT)
0050 60 Kyle Oglala Lakota SD434210218 pea sized hail (UNR)
0052UNK 1 E De Quincy Calcasieu LA3045 9343 Photo of large oak tree blown down on front street in De Quincy. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
0052UNK 5 ENE De Quincy Beauregard LA3047 9337 Tree fell on Reneau Rd northeast of De Quincy. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
0100UNK 2 NW Menard Menard TX3093 9981 Measured gust to 81 mph by the Menard West Texas Mesonet station. (SJT)
0102UNK 3 SW Gillis Calcasieu LA3034 9323 Report of tree down on Perkins Ferry Rd just north of Joe Miller Rd. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0154UNK 1 NNE Kinder Allen LA3050 9284 911 center reports large swath of powerlines blown down near Kinder. (LCH)
0206UNK 3 SSE Pitkin Vernon LA3090 9292 Utility company reports damage to the transmission lines service substations for Elizabeth ... Pitkin and Sugartown. (LCH)
0215 59 3 NE Crowley Acadia LA3025 9235 Mesonet station LSU03 Crowley. (LCH)
0215UNK Mire Acadia LA3030 9220 Public reports large oak limb was blown down onto power lines. (LCH)
0215 62 2 NW New Roads Pointe Coupee LA3072 9148 AWOS station KHZR New Roads. (LIX)
0224UNK 2 S Cankton Lafayette LA3031 9212 Numerous large branches snapped near Vatican. (LCH)
0228UNK 3 N Scott Lafayette LA3028 9210 Numerous branches snapped near Ossun. (LCH)
0228UNK 3 W Carencro Lafayette LA3030 9209 Numerous branches snapped ... some trees snapped and uprooted. (LCH)
0229 61 4 WSW Maurice Vermilion LA3008 9218 Personal weather station reported a gust to 61 MPH with storm passage. (LCH)
0230 70 4 W Broussard Lafayette LA3016 9203 Media posted a video of estimated 70 MPH wind gust. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0230UNK 1 WNW Scott Lafayette LA3024 9210 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 WNW Scott. Public submitted a photo of an uprooted tree falling on and partially crushing a small home on St Mary St. (LCH)
0230UNK 2 NW Scott Lafayette LA3025 9211 Branches down. (LCH)
0230UNK 3 NNW Carencro Lafayette LA3034 9206 Large tree snapped. (LCH)
0230UNK 2 E Cankton Lafayette LA3035 9207 Large tree snapped across roadway. (LCH)
0231UNK 1 NW Rayne Acadia LA3024 9227 Video received of large tree down on Lyman Ave in Rayne. Time from radar. (LCH)
0232UNK 1 W Lafayette Lafayette LA3021 9205 Report of tree down in the parking lot of Raising Canes restaurant. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0233UNK 1 WSW Lafayette Lafayette LA3021 9205 Photo received of a tree snapped off in Lafayette. (LCH)
0234 65 1 SSE Lafayette Lafayette LA3020 9202 Call from the public about strong wind gust measured on a personal weather station. (LCH)
0236UNK Lafayette Lafayette LA3022 9203 Public submitted photo of power poles snapped with lines and transformers attached. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0237UNK Slaughter East Feliciana LA3072 9114 Multiple trees down and blocking some roads around Slaughter. (LIX)
0239UNK 4 SW Lafayette Lafayette LA3017 9207 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (LCH)
0239UNK 2 NNW Carencro Lafayette LA3034 9206 Corrects previous flash flood report from 2 NNW Carencro. Off duty NWS employee reports multiple large tree branches down near Carencro. (LCH)
0241UNK 1 SSE Breaux Bridge St. Martin LA3027 9189 Public photo of downed trees blocking the road. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0241UNK Sunset St. Landry LA3041 9207 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from Sunset. Photo received of large trees down in the Sunset community. (LCH)
0246 67 4 SSE Cade Iberia LA3003 9188 AWOS station KARA 4 SSE Cade. (LCH)
0247UNK Baker East Baton Rouge LA3059 9116 Trees down in Baker. Relayed via social media. (LIX)
0249 69 2 ESE Lafayette Lafayette LA3020 9200 ASOS station KLFT Lafayette. (LCH)
0255UNK 4 WSW Parks St. Martin LA3019 9188 Public reports residential window sucked out of its frame as the storm passed. Time estimated from radar. (LCH)
0256UNK Parks St. Martin LA3022 9183 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from Parks. Public reports large tree limb was blown off a tree that then hit the house. A heavy duty rabbit cage was flipped over (LCH)
0256UNK 2 SE Port Allen East Baton Rouge LA3043 9118 Poles blown over along Highland Rd and E Polk. (LIX)
0256UNK 3 NW Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge LA3048 9116 Tree down on a house off of Plan Rd and N. Acadian Thwy. (LIX)
0257UNK Saint Martinville St. Martin LA3012 9183 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (LCH)
0257UNK 3 SSW Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge LA3041 9115 Tree down on Whitehaven. (LIX)
0258UNK 4 NE Saint Martinville St. Martin LA3016 9178 Public reports roof blown off of home in St. Martinville. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0300UNK 3 SSE Breaux Bridge St. Martin LA3024 9188 Public reports numerous trees blown down between Breaux Bridge and Parks. (LCH)
0300UNK 3 NNE Parks St. Martin LA3026 9182 Public reports damage to a residence. Corner of a roof was lifted up with the storm passage. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0301UNK 1 SE Buna Jasper TX3043 9395 Report from mPING: 3-inch tree limbs broken; Power poles broken. (LCH)
0304UNK Catahoula St. Martin LA3021 9171 Public reports numerous trees and power lines down around the Catahoula community. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0304UNK Krotz Springs St. Landry LA3054 9176 Local EM reports 3 homes with damage from downed trees. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0307UNK Melville St. Landry LA3069 9175 EM reported numerous trees down throughout the east side of St. Landry Parish. High winds reports in Melville area along with numerous power outages. (LCH)
0310UNK 2 NW Carencro Lafayette LA3034 9206 Report from mPING: 3-inch tree limbs broken; Power poles broken. (LCH)
0310 60 3 SSE Port Allen East Baton Rouge LA3041 9118 Mesonet station 1311W LSU Tiger Stadium. (LIX)
0321UNK Bayou Sorrel Iberville LA3016 9133 Numerous downed trees in Bayou Sorrel near the Hwy 75 bridge. Time estimated from radar. (LIX)
0321UNK 4 SE Watson Livingston LA3054 9090 Snapped power pole off of Arnold Road in Denham Springs ... LA. (LIX)
0323UNK 1 NE New Iberia Iberia LA3001 9181 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (LCH)
0333UNK 5 NNE Walker Livingston LA3056 9084 Delayed Report: Photo of 1-3 inch tree limbs and some larger broken from severe storm winds. One additional report of a snapped pine tree. Time estimated from radar. (LIX)
0351UNK 2 WSW Springfield Livingston LA3042 9057 Trees down and some minor structural damage. (LIX)
0434UNK 1 E Covington St. Tammany LA3048 9010 Multiple trees down across Covington with a few blocking side streets. Widespread power outages across the city. (LIX)
0435UNK 2 ESE Mandeville St. Tammany LA3036 9005 A few trees and large limbs down. (LIX)
0436 84 1 NNW Kenner Jefferson LA2999 9026 MSY ASOS measured a wind gust of 73.2 knots (84 mph). (LIX)
0438UNK 5 NE New Orleans Orleans LA3003 9003 People trapped in overturned vehicle on France Rd. (LIX)
0445UNK 2 NNE Waggaman Jefferson LA2996 9022 Tree blown down on a fence in River Ridge. (LIX)
0453 82 6 WSW East New Orleans Orleans LA3004 9003 New Orleans Lakefront Airport measured a wind gust of 82 mph. (LIX)
0500 62 3 SW East New Orleans Orleans LA3003 8997 NOFD Engine 36 - New Orleans East LA US WEATHERSTEM measured a wind gust of 62 mph. (LIX)
0500UNK 2 NNE Pearl River St. Tammany LA3040 8974 Tree reported across I-59 near Pearl River. (LIX)
0501 82 6 WSW East New Orleans Orleans LA3004 9003 New Orleans Lakefront Airport recorded a second wind gust of 82 mph. (LIX)
0506 72 6 SE East New Orleans St. Bernard LA2999 8987 Bayou Bienvenue (Vertical Lift Gate) measured a wind gust of 72 mph. (LIX)
0520UNK 1 N Kiln Hancock MS3044 8943 Fascia damage to building and roof damage to open pole barn. Time estimated by radar. (LIX)
0630 65 9 SE Venice Plaquemines LA2918 8926 Mesonet station PILL1 Pilottown LA measured a gust of 65 mph. (LIX)
0706 58 Ft Gaines GMZ631 AL3025 8808 Ft Gaines NOS/COOPS site measured a marine wind gust of 58 mph. (MOB)
0735 59 2 WSW Miflin Baldwin AL3036 8765 WeatherFlow station (XGLF) south of Foley measured a 59 mph wind gust. (MOB)
1001 71 3 SSE Saint Joseph Stat Gulf FL2975 8540 Ambient station gusted to 71 mph. (TAE)
1002 87 3 S Saint Joseph State Gulf FL2975 8540 Ambient station gusted to 87 mph. (TAE)
1006UNK Port Saint Joe Gulf FL2980 8530 Downed cable lines in Port St. Joe. (TAE)
1007 62 1 ESE Indian Pass Gulf FL2968 8525 Ambient station gusted to 62 mph. (TAE)
1013 74 5 SSE Saint Joseph Stat Gulf FL2973 8539 Ambient station gusted to 74 mph. (TAE)
1015UNK 3 S Saint Joseph State Gulf FL2975 8540 Porch screens ripped apart ... Doors mechanisms torn ... Dead trees broken ... Light debris scattered. (TAE)
1025 60 Franklin EOC Franklin FL2972 8503 Franklin EOC Weatherstem gusted to 60 mph along the coast. (TAE)
1025 70 Apalachicola Airport Franklin FL2973 8503 (TAE)
1032UNK Apalachicola Franklin FL2973 8498 Multiple power lines reported down across highway 98. (TAE)
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