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20240709's Storm Reports (20240709 1200 UTC - 20240710 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
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Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
1900 1 NNE Dubre Cumberland KY3685 8554 Corrects previous tornado report from 1 NNE Dubre. An NWS Louisville damage survey determined that a brief EF-0 tornado touched down in northern Cumberland county betwe (LMK)
1906 2 NNW Ruidoso Lincoln NM333510569 [Landspout] The Ruidoso emergency manager forwarded a video of a landspout in the Upper Canyon area. Time of landspout estimated based on derived radar products. (ABQ)
1906 2 NNW Ruidoso Lincoln NM333610570 [Landspout] The Ruidoso emergency manager forwarded a video of a landspout in the Upper Canyon area. Tome estimated based on radar derived products. (ABQ)
2028 2.5 S Grove Center Union KY3760 8801 An EF-1 Tornado touched down 2.5 miles south of Grove Center and lifted 1 mile northeast of Grove Center. The estimated peak wind was 105 mph. The path length was 3.22 (PAH)
2031 6 N Sturgis Union KY3763 8801 Corrects previous tornado report from 6 N Sturgis. Warned Tornado confirmed on the ground. (PAH)
2032 6 N Sturgis Union KY3763 8801 Warned Tornado confirmed on the ground. (PAH)
2040 3.1 W Morganfield Union KY3769 8797 An EF-1 Tornado touched down 3.1 miles west of Morganfield and lifted 0.5 miles west of Uniontown. The estimated peak wind was 100 mph. The path length was 6.34 miles a (PAH)
2118 2 E Mount Vernon Posey IN3793 8787 An EF-3 tornado touched down 2 miles east of Mt Vernon and lifted 2.4 miles east southeast of Solitude in Posey County. The estimated peak wind was 140 mph. The path le (PAH)
2132 0.4 E Springfield Posey IN3804 8786 An EF-1 Tornado touched down 0.4 miles east of Springfield and lifted 4.6 miles west southwest of Wadesville in Posey County. The estimated peak wind was 105 mph. The p (PAH)
2137 5 SSW Francisco Gibson IN3827 8747 Corrects previous tornado report from 5 SSW Francisco. Delayed Report. Brief tornado touched down just west of Mackey ... IN. Damage reported to a home and crops. (PAH)
2140 6 ESE New Harmony Posey IN3809 8785 confirmed tornado on the ground. (PAH)
2151 0.7 N Poseyville Posey IN3818 8779 An EF-2 Tornado touched down 0.7 miles north of Poseyville and lifted 1.3 miles north of Johnson in Gibson County. The estimated peak wind was 120 mph. The path length (PAH)
2250 0.8 WSW Patoka Gibson IN3841 8761 An EF-1 touched down 0.8 miles west southwest of Patoka and lifted 1.1 miles northwest of Patoka. The estimated peak wind was 100 mph. The path length was 1.06 miles an (PAH)
2300 1 NNE Dubre Cumberland KY3685 8554 An NWS Louisville damage survey determined that a brief EF-0 tornado touched down in northern Cumberland county between Ferris Fork Road and Cedar Ridge. The tornado re (LMK)
2321 4 NW Shoals Martin IN3872 8684 Brief ... weak EF-0 tornado. Small trees and larger tree limbs down were the only damage reported. (IND)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1855100 2 N Dubre Cumberland KY3685 8555 Residents had pictures of Quarter size hail that they showed the damage survey crew. (LMK)
2040100 2 NE Warner Merrimack NH4330 7180 Delayed report. Time estimated by radar. (GYX)
2101100 1 E Ute Park Colfax NM365610508 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (ABQ)
2111100 Ute Park Colfax NM365610509 hail completely covered the ground. (ABQ)
2115100 Lee Penobscot ME4536 6828 (CAR)
2123100 3 ENE Lee Penobscot ME4538 6822 (CAR)
2145100 Chamizal Socorro NM342210692 Also saw a quarter inch of rain. (ABQ)
2324150 6 SSW Phillips Hamilton NE4082 9826 (GID)
0110125 2 E Frederick Brown SD4584 9847 (ABR)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1509UNK 1 SE Goshen Oldham KY3840 8558 A few uprooted trees on Club Drive and street light down. (LMK)
1748UNK 2 W West Paris Oxford ME4433 7061 Power lines down. (GYX)
1748UNK 2 NNW West Paris Oxford ME4434 7059 Tree on wires. (GYX)
1750UNK 1 NNE West Paris Oxford ME4434 7056 Trees down blocking traffic. (GYX)
1830UNK 2 N Oviedo Seminole FL2869 8118 Broadcast media reported a tree down on Florida Avenue. Time estimated via radar. (MLB)
1900UNK 2 N Dubre Cumberland KY3686 8555 Powerlines and trees down on Fierce Fork Road. (LMK)
1910UNK Titusville Brevard FL2859 8083 Public reports portions of vinyl fence damaged. (MLB)
1910UNK 4 E Rome Kennebec ME4459 6979 Trees down along Smithield Rd. (GYX)
1915UNK 1 SE Titusville Brevard FL2858 8080 Public reports a tree down near the intersection of Hopkins Ave and Court St. (MLB)
1943UNK 1 NNE Scenic Oaks Bexar TX2972 9867 Downed tree on Tarpon drive in Fair Oaks Ranch. (EWX)
1945UNK 5 S San Antonio Bexar TX2936 9850 Large uprooted tree due to outflow boundary from thunderstorm to the north. Tree landed on and damaged at least 3 vehicles at Mission Villas Apartment complex. Time est (EWX)
1950UNK 4 SE Vienna Johnson IL3736 8884 Mobile home slid off the foundation and had areas of roofing damage. Multiple tree limbs blown down. (PAH)
1950UNK 2 WNW Pittsfield Somerset ME4479 6941 Delayed Report. Tree reported down on Spring Road. (GYX)
1958UNK 3 NW Plymouth Penobscot ME4479 6925 Large tree limb into the powerlines on Ridge Road. Power is out. (CAR)
2000UNK 2 SSE Newport Penobscot ME4481 6927 Tree down into the powerlines blocking Martin Stream Road. (CAR)
2000UNK 3 N Newport Penobscot ME4487 6928 Tree down into the powerlines on Golf Course Road. (CAR)
2005UNK Manchester Meriwether GA3285 8462 Tree down on a house and vehicle. (FFC)
2010UNK 1 ENE Manchester Meriwether GA3286 8461 Winds knocked a tree down on a residence and damaged power lines. (FFC)
2011UNK 1 ENE Carmel Penobscot ME4480 6904 Large tree down at a residence on US Route 2. Via social media. (CAR)
2011UNK Carmel Penobscot ME4480 6905 Tree down into the powerlines on the Five Road in Carmel. (CAR)
2011UNK 2 W Charleston Penobscot ME4508 6908 Tree down into the powerlines at the intersection of Dover Road and School Road. (CAR)
2018UNK 3 WSW Levant Penobscot ME4485 6900 Large tree down into the powerlines blocking Overlock Road. (CAR)
2019UNK 2 ESE Levant Penobscot ME4486 6890 Multiple trees down in the area of Union St and Kelley Road in Levant on the Hermon townline. Wires down with one of the trees. (CAR)
2020UNK 4 ENE Hermon Penobscot ME4484 6885 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 4 ENE Hermon. 3 inch diameter tree down on Union Street in Hermon taking up about one-third of the road. Time estimated based (CAR)
2028UNK 2 E Levant Penobscot ME4487 6890 Photos received via NWS Chat. Large tree down on a pickup truck on the Phillips Road. Penobscot EMA/Glenburn Fire reports multiple trees down in town. (CAR)
2028UNK 2 SSW Glenburn Penobscot ME4489 6886 Tree down into the powerlines on Dunston Drive. (CAR)
2030UNK 3 E Levant Penobscot ME4486 6888 Tree down on Kelley Road on the Glenburn/Hermon town line. Time estimated based on radar. (CAR)
2030UNK 2 WSW Kenduskeag Penobscot ME4491 6897 Tree down into the wires on Clark Road in Levant. (CAR)
2031UNK 6 WSW Morganfield Union KY3764 8800 Tornado damage reported ... power lines down ... damage to house. (PAH)
2043UNK Old Town Penobscot ME4493 6865 Tree down into the powerlines on Forth Street. (CAR)
2048UNK 2 WNW Contoocook Merrimack NH4324 7175 Trees and wires down. (GYX)
2050UNK 2 N Hopkinton Merrimack NH4321 7167 Delayed Report. Reported by Amateur Radio. Trees down on wires on Briar Hill Rd. Time estimated by radar. (GYX)
2050UNK 3 E Warner Merrimack NH4327 7176 Delayed Report. Reports of at least 6 trees down on Poverty Plains Rd St in Warner. Reported by Amateur Radio. Time estimated by radar. (GYX)
2055UNK 2 E Hopkinton Merrimack NH4319 7164 Delayed report. Photo of large tree down near Whittier Pond ... partially blocking US HWY 202. Time estimated by radar. (GYX)
2056UNK 3 E Hopkinton Merrimack NH4319 7162 Delayed report. 3 to 4 trees reported down on US 202 west of Concord between Hedgerose Ln and Shenadoah Dr. Time estimated. (GYX)
2059UNK 1 SE Glen Gardner Hunterdon NJ4068 7492 Tree down at Mile Marker 36 on New Jersey Route 31 in Lebanon Township. Time estimated from radar. (PHI)
2105UNK 1 E Annandale Hunterdon NJ4064 7487 Trees down on US Highway 22 in Clinton Township. Time and location approximated from radar. (PHI)
2108UNK 1 NW Califon Hunterdon NJ4072 7485 Pole and wires down. Time estimated from radar. (PHI)
2108UNK 2 SSW Concord Merrimack NH4319 7155 Three trees down ... estimated 6 inches in diameter. (GYX)
2115UNK 3 NNW Allenstown Merrimack NH4320 7143 Trees and wires down. Cross Country Road. (GYX)
2118UNK Augusta Kennebec ME4432 6978 Large branches with lines down. (GYX)
2119UNK Augusta Kennebec ME4431 6978 Delayed report. Numerous branches down. One power pole also snapped with another one broken due to trees coming down. Time estimated by radar. (GYX)
2121UNK 7 W Evansville Vanderburgh IN3799 8768 power outage reported. (PAH)
2125UNK 3 W Owensville Gibson IN3828 8775 pole barn knocked completely down. (PAH)
2215UNK 4 W Owensville Gibson IN3827 8776 Report from mPING: Trees uprooted or snapped; Roof blown off. (PAH)
2230UNK 6 N Haynesville Aroostook ME4591 6800 10 inch diameter tree down along Rt 2A. (CAR)
2235UNK Windsor Stutsman ND4690 9904 Report via social media with photos of thunderstorm wind damage including a flipped dumpster ... stripped awning off a motorhome ... a metal shed displaced by at least 50 (BIS)
2245UNK 3 SW North Amity Aroostook ME4592 6788 3 large trees down on power lines; large tree down on road. (CAR)
2245UNK 1 ENE North Amity Aroostook ME4595 6781 3 large healthy trees uprooted and blocking road. (CAR)
2245UNK 2 ESE Cary Aroostook ME4598 6782 5 inch diameter tree snapped at base. (CAR)
2245UNK 2 SE Cary Aroostook ME4598 6784 8 inch diameter tree down on power lines. (CAR)
2247 70 Orange AP Franklin MA4257 7228 (BOX)
2300 79 4 ENE Safford Graham AZ328510963 ASOS station KSAD Safford Regional Airport. (TWC)
2303 6610 S Clifton Greenlee AZ328810931 Mesonet station QGTA3 Guthrie. (TWC)
0000UNK 4 ENE Laurel Franklin IN3952 8513 Trees reported down on Townsend Road. (ILN)
0015 6010 W Gage Grant NM322010825 Off-Duty NWS employee estimated 60-70 MPH wind gusts along with dust storm. (EPZ)
0025 60 2 W Roosevelt Maricopa AZ336711116 Mesonet station SRP44 1.7 W Roosevelt (SRP). (PSR)
0102 59 2 E Deming Luna NM322710772 ASOS station KDMN Deming ASOS. (EPZ)
0110UNK 2 E Frederick Brown SD4584 9847 several 10-12 inch diameter tree branches down as well as several 3 to 4 inch branches. (ABR)
0213 6511 SSW Romero Oldham TX355810301 (AMA)
0223UNK 2 WSW Gettysburg Darke OH4010 8452 Large tree down ... along with smaller limbs/branches broken off. (ILN)
0457UNK 1 E Pleasant Hill Miami OH4005 8433 Large tree limbs broken. (ILN)
0556UNK Elba Genesee NY4308 7819 Social media picture of a large branch of a willow tree broken off of tree. Time estimated from radar. (BUF)
1009UNK 1 NE Akron Erie NY4303 7848 Trees down in the road off of Bloomingdale Road. (BUF)
1049UNK 2 NW Dunkirk Cass IN4078 8641 Report of a tree down at US 35 and CR 100 N. Time estimated via radar. (IWX)
1054UNK 1 E Dunkirk Cass IN4075 8638 Tree down on US 24. Time estimated via radar. (IWX)
1110UNK 1 WNW Adamsboro Cass IN4079 8629 Time estimated via radar. Tree down at CR 450 E and CR 200 N. (IWX)
1135UNK 3 N Holley Orleans NY4327 7803 Trees down near Carton and Ridge Roads. Time estimated from radar. (BUF)
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