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Storm Reports - Last 3 Hours
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
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Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
No reports received
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1734150 New Baden Robertson TX3105 9642 Viewer reported almost golfball sized hail in New Baden. (FWD)
1740125 9 W Hermosa Custer SD438310338 time estimated from radar (UNR)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1515UNK 4 NW Leitchfield Grayson KY3752 8634 Corrects time on the previous tstm wnd dmg report from 4 NW Leitchfield. Building damaged ... camper overturned and dozens of trees down. (LMK)
1515UNK 4 NW Leitchfield Grayson KY3753 8635 At least a 200yd swath which several downed trees/large broken limbs ... camper blown over ... garage destroyed with outer walls left but damaged. Debris seemingly all st (LMK)
1520 60 2 WSW Holland Allen KY3669 8609 (LMK)
1535UNK 2 S Vine Grove Hardin KY3779 8598 Couple of trees down across the farm. Time based on radar. (LMK)
1540UNK Rineyville Hardin KY3775 8597 Lots of trees down. (LMK)
1544UNK 8 WNW Celina Clay TN3660 8564 Power lines down on Hwy 52 in Moss. (OHX)
1548UNK 1 NW Hodgenville Larue KY3758 8575 Trees down. (LMK)
1550UNK Rosewood Muhlenberg KY3709 8710 Many branches and tree limbs down. A few trees down along hedge rows. (PAH)
1550UNK Fort Knox Hardin KY3789 8596 Multiple trees down at the Installation. (LMK)
1600UNK Tompkinsville Monroe KY3670 8569 Trees down in the city and all over the county. (LMK)
1604UNK Celina Clay TN3654 8551 Trees down on Mitchell Street in Celina. (OHX)
1606 63 Louisville Int'l Airpor Jefferson KY3817 8574 (LMK)
1606UNK 2 ENE Pleasure Ridge Pa Jefferson KY3817 8582 Reports of trees down. (LMK)
1609 65 Mount Washington Bullitt KY3805 8554 (LMK)
1610UNK 1 SSE Galena Floyd IN3833 8593 Trees down. (LMK)
1615UNK Campbellsville Taylor KY3735 8535 Trees and powerlines down across the city of Campbellsville. (LMK)
1615UNK 4 ENE Boston Nelson KY3781 8560 Trees down. (LMK)
1615UNK 1 WNW Jeffersontown Jefferson KY3821 8559 Trees down. Large tree on house at the intersection of Taylorsville Rd and Six Mile. (LMK)
1615UNK 1 W Saint Matthews Jefferson KY3825 8566 Numerous trees down between Breckenridge Ln and Cannons Ln. There are also trees down in Seneca Park. (LMK)
1620UNK 4 NW Leitchfield Grayson KY3752 8634 Building damaged ... camper overturned and dozens of trees down. (LMK)
1625UNK 1 NW Jeffersontown Jefferson KY3821 8558 Large trees down at Narwood and Gateway Dr. (LMK)
1625UNK 2 WSW Saint Matthews Jefferson KY3824 8567 Tree down in 3100 block of Rock Creek Drive. Many large branches down throughout Seneca Park. (LMK)
1625UNK 1 ESE New Washington Clark IN3856 8554 Pictures sent in of trees down. (LMK)
1635UNK 1 SE Albany Clinton KY3669 8513 Trees down on West Harper Ln. Tree on mobile home. (LMK)
1638UNK Russell Springs Russell KY3705 8508 Power lines down in the city of Russell Springs. (LMK)
1638UNK Lawrenceburg Anderson KY3804 8490 Large branches blown out of mature oak trees. Tree down and power lines down Woodford Street ... Lawrenceburg. (LMK)
1640UNK 2 NNE Johnsonville Anderson KY3796 8509 Motorist stuck in vehicle on Aaron Barnett Rd. Pinned in by fallen trees and cannot drive either direction. (LMK)
1647UNK 6 S Prestonville Carroll KY3860 8521 Tree down on George Creek Road. Time estimated from RADAR. (ILN)
1648 60 3 E Danville Boyle KY3765 8472 (LMK)
1653UNK Carrollton Carroll KY3868 8516 Numerous trees down. (ILN)
1703UNK 2 WNW Pewee Valley Oldham KY3832 8552 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 2 WNW Pewee Valley. Large tree down on Orchard Grass Blvd. (LMK)
1703UNK 1 NW Sparta Gallatin KY3869 8492 Trees down on 465 near Sparta. Time estimated from RADAR. (ILN)
1703UNK 2 E Ghent Carroll KY3873 8502 Trees down on Black Rock Road. Time estimated from RADAR. (ILN)
1709UNK 1 NE Versailles Ripley IN3907 8525 Small tree down near State Park. Time estimated from RADAR. (ILN)
1718UNK 1 NNW Oneida Scott TN3651 8452 Dispatch reports numerous trees and utility poles down across northern portions of Scott County. Time estimated by radar. (MRX)
1723UNK 1 W Crittenden Grant KY3878 8463 Tree blown down across Lebanon Road. (ILN)
1724UNK 3 ESE Napoleon Ripley IN3920 8528 Power pole snapped near cemetery. Time estimated from RADAR. (ILN)
1725UNK 1 SSW Georgetown Scott KY3819 8456 Large tree limbs down on south end of Georgetown. (LMK)
1725UNK 2 ENE Dry Ridge Grant KY3869 8455 Tree blown down blocking Knoxville Road. (ILN)
1726UNK 4 NE Dry Ridge Grant KY3873 8456 Tree blown down across Lemon Northcutt Road. (ILN)
1750UNK Fonde Bell KY3660 8388 2 foot diameter tree on power line and shingles blown off of a roof in Fonde. (JKL)
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