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Today's Storm Reports (20230608 1200 UTC - 20230609 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
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Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
No reports received
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1547100 1 N Matoaca Chesterfield VA3725 7748 Quarter sized hail and large tree branches down near Matoaca Elementary School. (AKQ)
1615100 2 SSE Fort Lee Prince George VA3721 7732 (AKQ)
1617125 1 N New Bohemia Prince George VA3720 7732 Quarter to half dollar sized hail. Over two inches in depth on the ground. (AKQ)
1700100 1 N Cowie Corner Greensville VA3679 7757 (AKQ)
1755100 3 SSW Millville Sussex DE3850 7513 Report of Video showing Quarter Sized Hail in Bayard ... DE covering the ground. (PHI)
1812100 Mobjack Mathews VA3738 7636 Report of penny to quarter size hail. Time estimated from radar. (AKQ)
1813100 1 N Port Haywood Mathews VA3740 7632 Hail of at least quarter size from social media video. Video also shows hail covering the ground. Time estimated from radar. (AKQ)
1856100 2 NNE Bulverde Comal TX2976 9844 Frequent dime size hail increased to quarter size in the past couple of minutes in Bulverde. (EWX)
1902175 1 ENE Bulverde Comal TX2974 9844 Golf ball sized hail at 281 and 1863 per NWS employee. (EWX)
1921100 2 WNW Selma Bexar TX2960 9834 Estimated Quarter size hail at Rolling Meadows elementary school. (EWX)
1924150 6 SE Timberwood Park Bexar TX2966 9840 Pictures of Estimated Ping Pong ball size hail near TPC parkway and the golf course via social media. (EWX)
1930100 1 NW Universal City Bexar TX2956 9832 NWS employee reports quarter size hail in Universal City. Time estimated from radar. (EWX)
1932125 3 NW Live Oak Bexar TX2958 9837 Picture of estimated half dollar size hail at toepperwein and Nagadoches. (EWX)
1935125 1 N Selma Guadalupe TX2959 9831 Hail up to Half Dollar sized in Selma per photos on social media. Location marker is approximate. (EWX)
1958125 4 SSW Lyman Harrison MS3044 8915 Video of hail at least half dollar in size relayed via social media. (LIX)
2040100 4 ESE UP429 Brazos TX3054 9624 Trained Storm Spotter reported 1 inch hail near Parkland Dr. (HGX)
2050100 2 S Temple Bell TX3107 9737 Report of quarters to ping-pong sized hail near Loop 363 and 31st ... as well as south and east of that area. estimated time given in report. (FWD)
2222100 4 NNW Rose Lake Kootenai ID475911649 (OTX)
2231100 3 NNE Cypress Harris TX3001 9565 mPING report of quarter sized hail just northeast of Cypress. (HGX)
2247125 6 NNW Lehr Logan ND4637 9940 Heavy Rain. Wind gusts 40 to 50 mph. (BIS)
2255100 3 NW Peterson AFB El Paso CO388610475 Nickle to quarter sized hail. (PUB)
2305100 2 W Yates Wibaux MT469510418 Hail up to the size of quarters. (GGW)
2313100 1 S Duncanville Dallas TX3263 9691 Trained spotter reports quarter sized hail 1 miles S of Duncanville at 6:13 PM. (FWD)
2320150 7 SSE Fredonia McIntosh ND4623 9907 Wind gusts 20 to 30 mph. (BIS)
2330125 5 WNW Wibaux Wibaux MT470310429 Hail up to the size of half dollars lasted for 20 minutes (5:30 pm to 5:50 pm). (GGW)
2342100 2 ENE Dickinson Galveston TX2946 9504 1 inch hail reported along 40th east street. (HGX)
2342100 5 N Burroughs Chatham GA3204 8125 Broadcast media relayed a video on social media showing quarter size hail in the Enclave neighborhood. (CHS)
2345100 2 SSE Nassau Bay Galveston TX2952 9508 1 inch hail reported at FM270 and FM518. (HGX)
2347100 5 SW Nanson Pierce ND4851 9985 Hail from 1847 to 1853L. (BIS)
0003100 1 W Windsor Forest Chatham GA3198 8116 A video on social media relayed by media shows quarter size hail in the southern Savannah area. (CHS)
0141125 6 S 4 Bears Lodge Mountrail ND479010259 Wind gusts 40 to 50 mph. (BIS)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1205UNK Brownsville Cameron TX2592 9748 NWS employee reported sign damage at Dunkin Donuts and Popeyes on Boca Chica Blvd. Time estimated by radar. (BRO)
1847 60 5 NNW Emmet McLean ND477110168 Mesonet station 323369 4 NNW Emmet (NDAWN). 10-m measurement. (BIS)
2051 58 2 SE Harvard Clay NE4060 9807 Mesonet/Home weather station. (GID)
2108UNK 8 ESE Cleveland Liberty TX3031 9496 Twitter user reported fallen tree limbs in Tarkington. (HGX)
2131UNK 1 WNW Kathleen Houston GA3250 8362 Tree and powerlines down across S Old Perry Road near Hwy 127. (FFC)
2155UNK 1 NNE Wardner Shoshone ID475311613 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 NNE Wardner. Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (OTX)
2219 76 1 SE Davenport Thayer NE4030 9780 MESO WL-DAVENPORT 0.96SSE. (GID)
2221UNK 1 S Cypress Harris TX2995 9567 Social media pictures of downed power lines ... trees ... and fences near the intersection of US 290 and Barker Cypress Road. Time is estimated based on radar. (HGX)
2225 76 2 SSE Davenport Thayer NE4029 9780 Member of the public also called reporting several agricultural pivots blown over. (GID)
2228UNK 3 SW Bayview Kootenai ID479511660 Social media report of downed trees and limbs in Farragut State Park. Power outages reported nearby. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2236UNK 4 WSW Rose Lake Kootenai ID475111654 Several reports of power lines and tree limbs down near Lane and Medimont. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2239UNK 6 ENE Cypress Harris TX3001 9559 Twitter user reported trees snapped and blocking lanes along 249 and Lakewood Crossing Dr. (HGX)
2241UNK 3 S Fernan Lake Village Kootenai ID476311674 Downed power lines on Eddyville Road. Widespread power outages in the area. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2242UNK 8 SE Tomball Harris TX3001 9554 Broadcast media reported a fallen tree on a home. (HGX)
2242UNK 4 SSW Fernan Lake Villa Kootenai ID476211677 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 4 SSW Fernan Lake Village. Hwy 97 closed due to multiple trees down. Photo Report from social media. (OTX)
2243UNK 4 E Cypress Harris TX2998 9560 Trained spotter reported a large tree down in Jaycreek drive ... nearly 4 to 6 inches in diameter. (HGX)
2246UNK 3 NNE Houston Harris TX2982 9537 Social media video of large tree uprooted and fallen over near the intersection of Interstate 45 and the North Loop near Fulton Street. Time is estimated based on radar (HGX)
2250UNK Rathdrum Kootenai ID478111690 Several reports of tree limbs and power lines down near Rathdrum. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2253UNK 7 S Fernan Lake Village Kootenai ID475811677 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 7 S Fernan Lake Village. Power outages as of 453pm of 1700 customers. (OTX)
2253UNK 1 WSW Fernan Lake Villa Kootenai ID476711677 Downed tree has torn Avista utility gas line out of the ground near Lake CdA. Report from social media. (OTX)
2255UNK 1 NNE Wardner Shoshone ID475311613 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (OTX)
2301UNK 1 S Houston Harris TX2976 9539 Twitter user shared video of a downed tree along Allen Parkway. (HGX)
2303UNK Post Falls Kootenai ID477111695 Social media reports of several trees and power lines down in the Post Falls area. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2312UNK 2 NNE Otis Orchards Spokane WA477311707 Several reports and photos of downed trees and power lines in Newman Lake and near Otis Orchards. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2317UNK 1 N Newman Lake Spokane WA477911709 Several reports of power outages and power lines down near Newman Lake. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2321UNK 2 SSW Green Acres Spokane WA476411717 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (OTX)
2325UNK10 N Coolin Bonner ID486111686 Damaged and dislodged dock and boat from strong wind gusts. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2327UNK Spokane Valley Spokane WA476711724 Downed tree limbs near Mission Avenue and Pines Road. Social media report. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2330UNK 1 ENE Chattaroy Spokane WA479011733 Downed tree limbs and power lines east of Chattaroy. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2331UNK 3 NE Spokane Spokane WA476911737 Blown over trash cans ... trees swaying ... road gutter 50 0.000000ull of running water.
2332UNK 1 ESE Green Acres Spokane WA476611714 Wind gust 23 with tree limbs broken and heavy rain. (OTX)
2335UNK 1 SSW Spokane Valley Spokane WA476611725 A few public reports of trees and limbs down in Spokane Valley. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2339UNK 2 ESE 5 Mile Spokane WA477311741 Social media reports of damage to siding and fencing to a property on the north side of Spokane. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2339UNK Mead Spokane WA477611736 Social media report of downed tree limbs near Mead. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2342UNK 4 SSW Fernan (CHS)
2342UNK 4 SSW Fernan Lake Villa Kootenai ID476211677 Hwy 97 closed due to multiple trees down. Photo Report from social media. (OTX)
2344UNK 3 NW Spokane Spokane WA476811746 Off-duty NWS meteorologist reports trees down or snapped near Downriver Drive. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2347UNK 1 S Dishman Spokane WA476411727 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 S Dishman. off duty nws employee reports 6 inch tree down. time estimated based on radar. (OTX)
2348UNK 2 WSW Spokane Spokane WA476411745 Uprooted tree estimated to be 18 inches in diameter. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
2352UNK 4 E Airway Heights Spokane WA476411750 off duty nws employee reports multiple pine trees 4-8 inch diameter down. (OTX)
2353UNK 7 S Fernan Lake Village Kootenai ID475811677 Power outages as of 453pm of 1700 customers. (OTX)
0000 67 4 E Texas City Galveston TX2942 9489 Brigantine Cay Mesonet site measured 67 MPH wind gust. (HGX)
0000 61 Hunter Army Airfield Chatham GA3201 8113 A wind gust of 53 kt was measured at Hunter Army Airfield. (CHS)
0007UNK 2 S Vernonburg Chatham GA3194 8112 Broadcast media relayed a report of a large tree down across the roadway near Strachan and Whitefield Ave. Time was estimated via radar data. (CHS)
0020 61 3 NNE Galveston Galveston TX2927 9486 KGLS ASOS measured 61 MPH wind gust. (HGX)
0044UNK 3 SW Fernan Lake Villag Kootenai ID476411680 Large tree hit vehicle while traveling. Photo via local news media. (OTX)
0045 5911 WSW Monteview Butte ID438611273 Mesonet station LOF INL Specific Manufacturing. (PIH)
0058 69 4 SSE Cade Iberia LA3003 9188 ASOS station KARA New Iberia measured a peak wind gust of 60 KT. (LCH)
0100UNK 4 ENE Rice Stevens WA484411809 Two large trees down along Orin Rice Road. Storm Spotter Stevens 43. Time estimated from radar. (OTX)
0102UNK 5 NE Colville Stevens WA486011781 Tree down on Alladdin Rd due to high wind gust. (OTX)
0121UNK 2 NW Orin Stevens WA485211794 Tree down on 842 Valley Westside Rd. (OTX)
0220 68 2 SSE Geyser Judith Basin MT472511048 Mesonet station MTGYS Geyser (MT DOT). (TFX)
0301 68 5 NNW Buckley AFB Adams CO397610478 Mesonet station CO221 Aurora I-70/Airport Blvd. (BOU)
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