240304's Storm Reports (20240304 1200 UTC - 20240305 1159 UTC)
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Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1829100 7 ENE Dry Prong Grant LA3163 9242 A report was received of 1 inch hail along US 165 south of Georgetown. (SHV)
1902100 2 SSW Urania La Salle LA3184 9230 Public reported quarter inch hail while driving down US 165. (SHV)
1945100 Columbia Caldwell LA3211 9208 A video of 1 inch hail was reported just west of Columbia. (SHV)
2030100 7 SW Bastrop Morehouse LA3271 9200 Quarter size hail reported near Perryville. (JAN)
2049100 2 WSW Riverdale Scott IA4153 9051 Dime to quarter size hail. (DVN)
2050100 2 W Bettendorf Scott IA4156 9051 Via social media picture. (DVN)
2050150 1 W Bettendorf Scott IA4157 9049 Numerous small stones but a few stones to ping pong ball size. Time estimated using radar. (DVN)
2050100 1 NNE Bettendorf Scott IA4158 9047 Dime to quarter size hail. (DVN)
2051100 2 WSW Bettendorf Scott IA4156 9051 (DVN)
2051100 1 NE Bettendorf Scott IA4157 9047 (DVN)
2053100 2 WSW Riverdale Scott IA4153 9051 Nickel to quarter sized hail. (DVN)
2100100 4 NE Morristown Henry IL4144 9024 Extensive quarter sized hail had virtually stopped traffic along I-80 west of Geneseo. estimated around MM15 around 3 pm. Time based on radar. (DVN)
2106150 5 SSW Orfordville Rock WI4255 8929 (MKX)
2109100 4 S Spearsville Union LA3288 9261 Reports of dime to quarter size hail along Barnes Bridge Road between Spearsville and Bernice. (SHV)
2125100 6 SSE Orfordville Rock WI4254 8923 Social media image provided with measurement. (MKX)
2139100 3 ENE Charlie Heath Mem Clark MO4059 9184 Occurring right now; intermixed with peas and dimes. (DVN)
2200100 2 E Spring Lake Scott IA4151 9067 quarter hail at I-280 and Highway 61. (DVN)
2206150 2 WSW Chambersburg Clark MO4051 9184 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (DVN)
2207175 2 WSW Chambersburg Clark MO4051 9184 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (DVN)
2215100 1 W Rock Falls Whiteside IL4177 8972 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (DVN)
2248100 2 NNW Dixon Lee IL4187 8949 Trained spotter reports quarter sized hail on the north side of Dixon. (LOT)
2337100 1 E West Burlington Des Moines IA4082 9115 (DVN)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
2225UNK Dumas Desha AR3388 9149 Trees reported to be blown down. One inch hail also was reported. (LZK)
2230UNK Garrett Bridge Lincoln AR3387 9166 Power pole and power lines were blown down. (LZK)
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