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Yesterday's Storm Reports (20231003 1200 UTC - 20231004 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
yesterday Reports Graphic
Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
1917 5 NNE Ruleton Sherman KS394110186 [Landspout] Ag camera facing west of Goodland show circulation that could have been a landspout. (GLD)
1941 6 SSW Winona Logan KS389910130 Possible brief tornado reported by a storm chaser. (GLD)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1923125 6 WNW Russell Springs Logan KS389510127 Delayed social media report of dime to half dollar size with the largest hail at the beginning of the storm and lasting only a minute. Time estimated from radar. (GLD)
2000175 2 WSW Monument Logan KS390910104 Public report of hail with a few up to the size of golf balls ... mostly smaller around quarter size. Time estimated from radar. (GLD)
2000100 Anselmo Custer NE4162 9986 (LBF)
2006125 1 NE Monument Logan KS391110098 Emergency manager reports hail up to half dollar in size though only a few of the larger stones. Some blowing dust and heavy rain is also occurring. (GLD)
2013100 3 ENE Monument Logan KS391110094 COOP Observer reports hail up to quarters in size. Most hail was smaller in size. (GLD)
2015100 8 SSW Elwood Gosper NE4048 9990 Hail lasted about 20 mins. Time estimated from radar. (GID)
2024200 Norton Norton KS3984 9989 Spotter reported one to one and a half inches initially with two inch hail by 3:32 pm CDT. (GLD)
2030100 5 N Arapahoe Gosper NE4038 9990 Video on social media of quarter size hail and 50 mph winds north of Arapahoe. (GID)
2103175 1 NNW Phillipsburg Phillips KS3977 9933 Emergency manager reports golf ball size hail on the north edge of Phillipsburg. (GID)
2107100 3 NE Caruso Sherman KS393710178 hail ranged from pea to quarter in size. (GLD)
2119175 Alma Harlan NE4010 9937 Photo on social media of golf ball size hail. (GID)
2124300 4 SW Norton Norton KS3980 9995 Follow up report to previous report at the reservoir. One hailstone was found and measured to be three inches. (GLD)
2124200 Norton Norton KS3984 9989 Corrects previous hail report from Norton. Spotter reported one to one and a half inches initially with two inch hail by 4:32 pm CDT. (GLD)
2125125 3 S Calvert Norton KS3979 9976 Trained spotter reports hail mostly pea to dime size with largest up to 1.25 inch. Time estimated. (GLD)
2125200 Norton Norton KS3983 9990 Caller reported two inch hail on the west side of Norton. (GLD)
2129200 4 SW Norton Norton KS3980 9994 Relayed report with picture of hail up to two inches in diameter at the Keith Sebelius Reservoir. (GLD)
2134100 Funk Phelps NE4047 9926 Delayed report. Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (GID)
2140175 4 N Funk Phelps NE4053 9926 (GID)
2155100 2 NW Rockville Sherman NE4114 9886 NERain observer commented hail up to quarter size. (GID)
2215100 6 WNW Greeley Greeley NE4158 9864 NERain observer commented about hail up to quarter size. Time estimated from radar. (GID)
222517538 SE Fort Stockton Pecos TX305010243 CO-OP observer (38SE Fort Stockton) reports golf ball sized hail from yesterday's storms. Time of hail estimated by radar. (MAF)
2228100 Mullinville Kiowa KS3759 9948 Quarter sized hail reported. (DDC)
2229175 1 W Midland Midland TX320010210 Multiple public reports of golf ball sized hail in central Midland between Garfield and A street. (MAF)
2230175 Midland Midland TX320010208 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.). (MAF)
2233200 4 NNE Midland Midland TX320510205 Public photo of 2 inch hail estimated by quarter comparison. (MAF)
2233175 Mullinville Kiowa KS3759 9947 (DDC)
2233175 Ayr Adams NE4044 9844 (GID)
2234175 2 SSE Mullinville Kiowa KS3756 9946 (DDC)
2235175 6 N Midland Midland TX320810207 Report from mPING: Golf Ball (1.75 in.) ... Time estimated from radar. (MAF)
2240150 9 NNE Mullinville Kiowa KS3770 9941 (DDC)
2245200 6 SSW Centerview Edwards KS3774 9932 Storm chaser noted via live stream along highway 183 near the kiowa edwards county line. (DDC)
2255250 Lewis Edwards KS3794 9925 The emergency manager reported that up to 70 percent of homes in Lewis sustained broken windows and/or damaged siding due to wind driven hail. South side of structures (DDC)
2258250 1 S Centerview Edwards KS3780 9927 (DDC)
2259150 1 S Centerview Edwards KS3780 9927 (DDC)
2300250 5 SE Garfield Pawnee KS3803 9918 Report was received via social media with picture. (DDC)
2301175 2 E Gail Borden TX327710142 Quarter to golf ball size hail east of Gail on Highway 180. (MAF)
2303275 Lewis Edwards KS3794 9925 (DDC)
2310100 Greensburg Kiowa KS3761 9929 (DDC)
2310275 3 S Garfield Pawnee KS3804 9925 (DDC)
2317275 Larned Pawnee KS3818 9910 Report from mPING: Baseball (2.75 in.). (DDC)
2318250 Larned Pawnee KS3819 9910 (DDC)
2324300 Pawnee Rock Barton KS3827 9898 2.5-3 inch hail caused extensive damage to vehicles and pontoon boat. (ICT)
2325250 4 NE Larned Pawnee KS3822 9905 Report from mPING: Tennis Ball (2.50 in.). (DDC)
2330175 3 WNW Great Bend Airpor Barton KS3836 9890 1.5 to 1.75 hail. (ICT)
0015150 4 SW Oberon Benson ND4788 9927 (FGF)
0015125 Oberon Benson ND4792 9921 Relayed from public via broadcast media. (FGF)
0049200 1 SSE Champion Nolan TX323410062 (SJT)
0050100 Devils Lake Ramsey ND4811 9886 Reported downtown Devils Lake. (FGF)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
2028 61 5 S Burlington Kit Carson CO392310228 ASOS station KITR Burlington Co Airport. (GLD)
2051 58 3 WSW Speed Phillips KS3967 9947 Mesonet report of 58 mph winds. (GID)
2100 60 Clayton Norton KS397410018 Trained spotter estimates thunderstorm winds 40-60 mph. (GLD)
2114UNK Norcatur Decatur KS398410018 Social media report with pictures of healthy tree uprooted. (GLD)
2114 65 Norcatur Decatur KS398410019 Site KKSNORCA2 reports 65 mph wind gust. (GLD)
2124 65 Norton Norton KS3984 9989 Trained spotter estimated 65 mph gusts with storm. (GLD)
2128UNK 9 SSE Hendley Furnas NE4002 9989 Facebook photo of a bent road sign along HWY 283 just north of the state line. Time estimated from radar. (GID)
2130 59 2 NNE Huntley Harlan NE4023 9928 Mesonet reports a 59 mph wind gust. (GID)
2134UNK 2 WNW Pleasanton Buffalo NE4098 9911 Emergency management reported crop damage in the area ... at least one pivot downed ... and damage to large trees at a nearby farm. Time estimated from radar. (GID)
2135 67 4 SSE Beaver City Furnas NE4009 9981 Mesonet reports a gust of 67 mph. (GID)
2135UNK 2 ESE Beaver City Furnas NE4013 9979 Photo and video of a hay barn losing some of its metal roof panels. Report of unknown number of damaged power poles just to the east of this location. Time estimated fr (GID)
2135 60 1 SSE Wilcox Franklin NE4035 9916 (GID)
2138UNK 2 E Beaver City Furnas NE4013 9978 tin roof blown off shed and deposited around 25 yards away. (GID)
2138UNK Hollinger Furnas NE4015 9971 Social media report and photos of some damage in Hollinger ... including a small metal shed destroyed. Time estimated from radar and nearby reports. (GID)
2155 73 5 SSW Atlanta Harlan NE4030 9950 (GID)
2157 70 Rockville Sherman NE4112 9883 Estimate from the south side of town. Time estimated from radar. (GID)
2222 76 5 SSE Roseland Adams NE4040 9853 Via personal weather station. (GID)
2224UNK 5 SSW Midland Midland TX319310211 Public photo of at least 3 downed power poles from straight-line winds. (MAF)
2226 62 5 NW Natoma Rooks KS3925 9909 Mesonet reports a 62 mph gust. (GID)
2228 59 8 NNE Codell Rooks KS3931 9912 Mesonet reports a 59 mph gust. (GID)
2229UNK Midland Midland TX320010208 Tree snapped at intersection of A Street and Cuthbert Ave. Time estimated from radar. (MAF)
2233UNK Ord Valley NE4160 9893 Minor tree damage in town including a few downed trees. Nearby ASOS clocked a gust of 62 MPH. (GID)
2233 62 Ord Airport Valley NE4162 9895 ASOS reports a wind gust of 62 mph. (GID)
2235 63 3 NNW Midland Midland TX320310210 AWOS station KMDD Midland Airpark. (MAF)
2235 61 3 NW South Haven Howard TX322210152 AWOS station KBPG Big Spring. (MAF)
2236 58 1 NW Midland Internatio Midland TX319510220 ASOS station KMAF Midland. (MAF)
2239 60 2 NNE Pauline Adams NE4044 9834 relayed by EM. (GID)
2241 60 3 S Gibbon Buffalo NE4071 9884 Two trained spotters in area estimating wind gusts around 60 MPH. (GID)
2243UNK 1 S Glenvil Clay NE4049 9825 Downed power lines in Glenvil and pivot flipped just south of town. (GID)
2245UNK 2 NW Midland Midland TX320210210 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (MAF)
2245 60 Glenvil Clay NE4050 9825 (GID)
2249 65 8 SW Osborne Osborne KS3937 9881 Mesonet reports a gust to 65 mph. (GID)
2251 60 Bladen Webster NE4032 9860 Relayed via NWSchat. (GID)
2254 73 2 ESE Gail Borden TX327610141 Mesonet station 26 Gail 2SE. (MAF)
2258 80 1 NNW Osborne Osborne KS3945 9870 Mesonet reports a gust to 80 mph. (GID)
2258UNK 1 NNW Osborne Osborne KS3945 9870 Emergency management reported at least 8 power poles were damaged in the area. Tree damage in Osborne. A building was damaged in unincorporated Bloomington ... which is (GID)
2300 60 2 N Pauline Adams NE4045 9834 (GID)
2304 62 4 SW Hastings Adams NE4055 9844 Mesonet reports a gust to 62 mph. (GID)
2308 60 Hastings NWS Office Adams NE4065 9838 Estimated 55 to 60 MPH wind gusts along leading edge. (GID)
2309UNK 1 E Hastings Adams NE4059 9837 Facebook photo of a large tree limb downed by Hastings College. (GID)
2309UNK Hastings Adams NE4059 9839 Delayed report. Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (GID)
2310UNK 1 E Hastings Adams NE4059 9837 Tree down blocking 7th st. Time estimated from radar and other nearby reports. (GID)
2314 59 9 NW Burr Oak Jewell KS3995 9842 Mesonet reports a gust to 59 mph. (GID)
2318UNK Larned Pawnee KS3818 9910 A tree was reported down in Larned due to thunderstorm winds. (DDC)
2321UNK 4 W Edgar Clay NE4037 9805 Report from mPING: 1-inch tree limbs broken; Shingles blown off. (GID)
2322 65 1 S Giltner Hamilton NE4076 9815 per Giltner fire chief. (GID)
2328 60 6 ESE Clay Center Clay NE4050 9794 CO-OP observer reports a gust to 60 mph. (GID)
2328 62 2 W Aurora Hamilton NE4087 9805 Mesonet reports a gust to 62 mph. (GID)
2329 63 5 NW Stockham Hamilton NE4078 9800 (GID)
2330UNK Aurora Hamilton NE4087 9800 Large tree partially uprooted in Aurora per picture from EM. Time estimated from radar and nearby reports. (GID)
2335 62 Aurora Airport Hamilton NE4089 9799 AWOS reports a gust to 62 mph. (GID)
2340 61 3 W Hordville Hamilton NE4107 9795 Mesonet reports a gust to 61 mph. (GID)
2349 65 3 W York York NE4088 9766 via Davis Weatherlink. (GID)
2350 60 3 SSE Osceola Polk NE4113 9753 via personal weather station. (GID)
2350UNK 1 S Osceola Polk NE4117 9755 Photos of tree damage on the south side of town and power is out. Davis station anemometer mounted approximately 30 ft up measured a gust of 80 MPH. (GID)
2351 65 7 E Clarks Polk NE4122 9771 personal weather station. (GID)
2359UNK 2 ENE Union Scurry TX327410096 11 power poles reported down between CR242 and CR264 along FM1611. Time estimated from radar. (MAF)
2359 60 Shelby Polk NE4120 9742 Time est. from radar. (GID)
0003UNK 5 NE Union Scurry TX327810094 9 power poles down at Hwy 84 and CR 258. Time estimated from radar. (MAF)
0012 68 5 NNW Columbus Platte NE4149 9740 Recorded at personal weather station. (OAX)
0013 73 3 WSW Richland Platte NE4142 9728 Recorded at personal weather station. (OAX)
0016UNK 3 S Creston Platte NE4166 9736 Top of tree broken off. Time estimated by radar. (OAX)
0020UNK 2 SE Surprise Butler NE4109 9729 Roof ripped from shed. Time estimated from radar. (OAX)
0020UNK 1 SE Surprise Butler NE4110 9730 Center pivot flipped. Time estimated from radar. (OAX)
0024UNK 2 S Schuyler Colfax NE4142 9706 Tree down over Highway 15. Time estimated from radar. (OAX)
0040UNK 4 WNW Pilger Stanton NE4203 9712 Tree down across road. (OAX)
0054 70 West Point Cuming NE4184 9671 Winds estimated 65-70 mph. Deputy reported the wind moved the car. (OAX)
0057 59 5 W Rotan Fisher TX328510055 (SJT)
0059 67 5 E Champion Nolan TX323510053 (SJT)
0110UNK Fairbury Jefferson NE4014 9718 Law enforcement reports widespread trees across roads in Fairbury. Time estimated from radar. (OAX)
0110 82 Fairbury Jefferson NE4015 9718 Measured by EM. (OAX)
0116 61 2 ESE Tekamah Burt NE4177 9618 TQE ASOS. (OAX)
0125UNK 3 SE Sioux City Woodbury IA4247 9636 A tree fell on top of a car. Time estimated from radar. (FSD)
0129UNK Sergeant Bluff Woodbury IA4240 9636 A tree was reported down in Sergeant Bluff. Time estimated from radar. (FSD)
0134UNK 2 N Beatrice Gage NE4029 9675 Tree limbs broken. (OAX)
0138UNK 1 NW Hickman Lancaster NE4063 9664 Tree limbs broken. (OAX)
0249 64 2 W Wellsford Kiowa KS3762 9906 Mesonet station UP430 1.8 W Wellsford (UPR). (DDC)
0415UNK 1 ESE Mankato Blue Earth MN4416 9397 4-5 inch diameter tree branches down near the intersection of Victory and Main Street. Time estimated via radar. (MPX)
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