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2010 Tornado Fatality Information

Cleburne Co. AR Yazoo/Holmes/Choctaw MS Van Buren Co. AR Lafayette Co. MS Benton Co. MS Hardeman Co. TN Oklahoma Co. OK Cleveland Co. OK Livingston Co. IL Wood/Ottawa Co. OH Otter Tail Co. MN Polk Co. MN Freeborn Co. MN St. Clair Co. MI Sheridan Co. MT Burke Co. ND Queens Co. NY Wood Co. WV Washington Co. AR Phelps Co. MO Dent Co. MO St. Louis MO
All times are CST.
NOTE: Tornado related fatalities are entered once confirmed by NWS Weather Forecast Offices.
Num Date Time Location Deaths EF Watch
March     Killer Tornadoes: 1     Fatalities: 1
01 Mar 10 09:05 PM Cleburne Co. AR 1 F2 WT022
Houses badly damaged with some injuries and one elderly man died as a result of his injuries.
April     Killer Tornadoes: 2     Fatalities: 11
02 Apr 24 11:00 AM Yazoo/Holmes/Choctaw MS 10 F4 WT091
Long-track tornado nearing 100 mile path length produced signicant damage across central Mississippi.
03 Apr 30 06:00 PM Van Buren Co. AR 1 F3 WT114
Tornado tracked from Conway County into Van Buren County, hitting the community of Scotland. Total track was over 20 miles.
May     Killer Tornadoes: 5     Fatalities: 7
04 May 2 01:14 AM Lafayette Co. MS 1 F2 WT127
Tornado fatality occurred near initial tornado touchdown southwest of Abbeville.
05 May 2 01:46 AM Benton Co. MS 2 F3 WT127
Same storm that produced fatality in Lafayette spawned another killer tornado that moved from Mississippi to Tennessee.
05 May 2 02:15 AM Hardeman Co. TN 1 F3 WT127
This tornado tracked for over 25 miles destroying at least 30 homes.
06 May 10 04:30 PM Oklahoma Co. OK 2 F3 WT147
This tornado tracked from west of I35 to I40 east of Choctaw. Man was crushed when RV rolled over due to tornado. Another woman died of her injuries many days later.
07 May 10 05:00 PM Cleveland Co. OK 1 F3 WT147
Young woman killed when mobile home destroyed by fast-moving tornado in eastern Cleveland County, Oklahoma.
June     Killer Tornadoes: 6     Fatalities: 12
08 Jun 5 08:20 PM Livingston Co. IL 1 F2 WT267
An older man died on June 20 from injuries sustained when an EF2 tornado struck a mobile home park in Dwight, IL.
09 Jun 5 09:25 PM Wood/Ottawa Co. OH 7 F4 WT268
This late-night tornado tracked for about 10 miles with extreme damage to structures on the northwest side of Millbury.
10 Jun 17 02:57 PM Otter Tail Co. MN 1 F4 WT333
First killer tornado of the year in Minnesota produced significant damage in Almora and killed an elderly woman in her home in Almora.
11 Jun 17 05:20 PM Polk Co. MN 1 F3 WT333
This tornado produced damage in the town of Mentor where a man was killed by falling debris at a gas station.
12 Jun 17 05:30 PM Freeborn Co. MN 1 F4 WT334
One fatality in a mobile/manufactered home west of Albert Lea.
13 Jun 27 05:06 PM St. Clair Co. MI 1 F1 -----
A 75 year old male was killed when an EF1 rated tornado hit his RV at a campground near Wadhams in St. Clair County.
July     Killer Tornadoes: 1     Fatalities: 2
14 Jul 26 07:15 PM Sheridan Co. MT 2 F3 WT538
The Smith ranch house in open country was destroyed by the EF3 tornado. Two fatalities and one injury occurred at this location.
August     Killer Tornadoes: 1     Fatalities: 1
15 Aug 12 08:30 PM Burke Co. ND 1 F3 -----
Tornado near town of Bowbells tracked east hitting a vehicle about 6 miles east of town on Hwy 52. Vehicle was thrown over 200 yeards with one injury and one fatality resulting.
September     Killer Tornadoes: 2     Fatalities: 2
16 Sep 16 03:42 PM Queens Co. NY 1 F1 -----
Two tornadoes as part of a larger macroburst struck the New York City area just after 5pm EDT. A Vehicle was crushed by a falling tree alongside Grand Central Parkway with the female driver killed.
17 Sep 16 06:00 PM Wood Co. WV 1 F3 WS669
57-year old man was killed when his residence was struck by a tornado near Belleville, WV
December     Killer Tornadoes: 4     Fatalities: 9
18 Dec 31 06:10 AM Washington Co. AR 4 F3 WT765
Early morning tornado tracked about 2 miles southwest of the small Arkansas town of Cincinnati. Older couple were killed in a mobile home. A 78-year old man was killed in or outside near a barn. A 95-year old woman killed in a mobile home just northeast of Cincinnati.
19 Dec 31 10:06 AM Phelps Co. MO 2 F3 WT767
Two fatalities occurred north of Rolla when a single wide mobile home was completely destroyed.
20 Dec 31 10:12 AM Dent Co. MO 2 F1 WT767
Extensive damage was reported to numerous mobile homes with two fatalities resulting 1 mile east of the town of Lecoma. At least one other fatality was confirmed from this event in Missouri. This fatality was attributed to intense straight-line winds.
21 Dec 31 11:50 AM St. Louis MO 1 F3 WT767
70-year old woman died January 10 after injuries sustained when her vehicle was lofted into a wall along Highway 141 just north of the Highway 30 intersection in Fenton.

StateKiller TorFatalities
MS 3 13
OH 1 7
AR 3 6
MO 3 5
MN 3 3
OK 2 3
MT 1 2
MI 1 1
IL 1 1
ND 1 1
NY 1 1
WV 1 1
TN 1 1
TOTAL 22 45
F ScaleKiller TorFatalities
F0 0 0
F1 3 4
F2 3 3
F3 12 19
F4 4 19
F5 0 0
F? 0 0
TOTAL 22 45
Mobile Home 20
Permanent Home 11
Vehicle 7
Business 1
Outside/Open 6

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