Snow Fields and Clouds

GOES-10 Visible Satellite Loop

This loop runs from 1515Z (9:15 a.m. CST) to 2115Z (3:30 p.m. CST) December 5, 1999, every 15 minutes except for a few images. The loop has 20 frames totalling just under 3 MB; so it may take several minutes to load even on a fast connection. [The last picture will be labelled "991205/2115 GOES10 VIS".] Once loaded, you can stop the loop, go to the beginning, then step forward frame-by-frame.


The snow and clouds are easy to tell apart. The clouds, over Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma and northeast Texas, are moving; while the snow is not. The snow is, however, eroding away around its edges, where shallower snow melts away throughout the day. [Any slight bounciness of the imagery in the loop is typical.] For noontime temperatures and snowfall amounts, see this large GIF image. [Any slight bounciness of the imagery is typical.]

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