Update history for SPC HREF Ensemble Viewer


  1. New products: rolling 4-h windows for many time-maximum field products (updraft helicity, updraft, 10-m AGL wind speed, and reflectivity). The rolling 4-h windows replace the sequence of 3-h windows previously plotted.
  2. New products: Fixed-Layer STP mean, P[>1], and P[>3]. Fixed Layer STP formulation is from Gallo et al. (2018).
  3. New products: QPF gridpoint probability for 1-h P[>1"]; 6-h P[>1"]; 6-h P[>2"]; and 6-h P[>3"].
  4. New product: updraft helicity member viewer. Some fields on this product are currently unavailable for NAM Nest and HRW NMMB members, but will be included in the future.
  5. Add 700-500 mb lapse rate (contours, transparent fill) as optional overlay for 700 mb product.
  6. Add surface based CAPE (contours) as optional overlay for 0-1 km and 0-3 km SRH products.
  7. Add surface based CIN (contours, hatching) as optional overlay for SBCAPE products.
  8. Add ensemble mean 2-m AGL temperature (contours at 50°F and 60°F) as optional overlays for Fosberg products.
  9. Change color table for 1-h mean snowfall product.
  10. Add hotkeys: J and L for changing forecast times, K and I for changing members in member viewer (existing hotkeys are unchanged).


  1. Initial site launch coinciding with HREFv2 operational implementation.