SPC Mesoscale Analysis
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Operational EMC RAP
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06/18/21 16 UTC
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The fields shown on these pages are produced by SPC's SFCOA analysis system, primarily created and maintained by Phillip Bothwell.
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There are now two options for underlying model data.

EMC Operational RAP - This model replaced the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) at EMC in May, 2012, and has been the base model to provide background fields for the mesoanalysis fields since that time.

Experimental ESRL RAPv2 - This model is being developed by ESRL/GSD as the next version of the RAP. Among the improvements, initial verification suggests this version more accurately portrays the boundary-layer environment.
NOTE: The ESRL RAPv2 data is experimental and may not be 24/7 reliable. Please be aware that RAPv2 data outages can occur and there may be times when the RAPv2-based mesoanalysis is not available.

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