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National Sector Archive

     Introduction and Description of Parameters

     Regional Surface Chart
     Visible Satellite Image
     Base Reflectivity Mosaic
     Watch/Warning Summary [120 kb]

 Basic Surface Fields
     MSL Pressure/Wind
     T / Td / Wind
     Moisture Convergence
     ThetaE Advection
     2Hr Pres Change

 Basic UA Fields
     850 mb Analysis
     700 mb Analysis
     500 mb Analysis
     300 mb Analysis
     850 & 500 mb Winds
     Deep Moisture Conv
     Precipitable Water

     100mb MLCAPE
     MUCAPE / LPL Height
     SB Lifted Index / CINH
     3km Cape & Sfc Vort
     Mid Level Lapse Rates
     Low Level Lapse Rates
     Normalized CAPE
     Downdraft CAPE

 Deep Layer Shear
     0-6km Shear Vector
     Effective Shear
     BRN Shear

 Low Level Shear
     0-1km SR Helicity
     0-3km SR Helicity
     Effective SR Helicity
     0-1km Shear Vector

 Storm Relative Winds
     0-2km SR Winds
     4-6km SR Winds
     9-11km SR Winds
     Anvil Level SR Winds

 Composite Indices
     Supercell Composite
     Supercell Composite (left-moving)
     Sig. Tornado (fixed layer)
     Sig. Tornado (effective layer)
     Significant Hail Param.
     Craven SigSvr
     3km EHI
     1km EHI
     3km VGP

     LFC Height
     LCL Height
     Hail Parameters