Various Sounding Diagnostic Parameters

3km CAPE (3CAPE)
Integrated MLCAPE in the lowest 3 km AGL. Large values of 0-3 km MLCAPE have been associated with an enhanced threat for tornadoes, especially non-mesocyclone tornadoes.

Downdraft CAPE (DCAPE)
Follow a moist adiabat down to the ground from the minimum theta-e value in the lowest 400 mb of the sounding, and then calculate positive and negative area. DCAPE values greater than 1000 J/kg have been associated with increasing potential for strong downdrafts and damaging outflow winds.

Downrush Temperature (DownT)
Temperature at the ground for the downdraft DCAPE parcel. DownT is an estimate of the surface temperature within the core of a saturated downdraft.

Mean Mixing Ration (MeanW)
Mean mixing ratio (g kg-1) in the lowest 100 mb AGL.