Various Sounding Diagnostic Parameters

Wetbulb Zero Height (WBZ)
Calculated in feet AGL. This height is often referred to as the melting level, and values less than roughly 10,000 ft AGL favor small hail reaching the ground, while values larger than roughly 13,000 ft AGL suggest substantial melting of small hail.

Freezing Level (FZL)
The height (ft. AGL) of the 0oC isotherm.

Convective Temperature (ConvT)
This is the lowest surface temperature that results in convective inhibition of no more than 5 J kg-1, using the 100 mb mean parcel mixing ratio (to account for the effects of afternoon mixing).

Maximum Temperature (MaxT)
Estimated maximum afternoon temperature (F) bringing down the 100 mb AGL parcel dry adiabatically to the ground, and adding a 2oC superadiabatic "contact" layer.