SPC Experimental Sounding Analysis System

Thanks for your interest in the web-based sounding analysis images created by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). These images have been developed to help field forecasters across the United States in real-time sounding analysis and diagnosis.

These images are created using a sounding analysis software package used by SPC, called NSHARP. This interactive software system was designed specifically for the systems and requirements of SPC forecasters. The system is continually under development with new and innovative parameters being evaluated. These images are an effort to share many of the parameters with other meteorologists.

We hope this page will be useful in describing the numerous parameters and graphical depictions shown on the images. This page may also be a learning tool for those interested in the latest ideas in sounding analysis.

To use the page, roam your mouse over the image to the left. Short text "hints" will be displayed for each item. For greater details, click on the item and text will fill the left side of the screen.

* Another source of information regarding our sounding analyis scheme can be found in our Mesoscale Analysis Overview.