Websites Dedicated to Specific Tornado Events

This page has been decommissioned because of:

  1. The increasing perishability of links (numerous links were changing without notice in any given 3-5 month update period) and
  2. The size of the list was growing too large to maintain reliably.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Fortunately, information on most major tornado events in U.S. history (and several foreign ones) are available online via search engines. Here are examples of keyword formats to use:

  1. For a unique tornado in one place, or all tornadoes in that place: "Tuscaloosa tornado" brings up information on multiple tornadoes that have hit Tuscaloosa, usually startign with the most recent or news-dominant.
  2. For a specific tornado in one place and year: "Wichita Falls tornado 1979", which prioritizes information from that event over the 1964 tornado.
  3. For tornadoes in a county, try individual towns in the county, or the whole county: "Tornadoes Sumner County KS"
  4. For tornadoes in places without unique names, include the state or province: "Springfield IL tornado", "Springfield MO tornado", or "Springfield CO tornado", for example.
Websites with searchable tornado listings and/or data archives include the SPC WCM page - ONETOR dataset, The SPC's SVRPLOT3 mapper, NCDC's Storm Event Database, the Storm Data publication, Tom Grazulis' Tornado Project, and the Tornado History Project. Numerous stories on historical tornado events also can be found via the GenDisasters online archive of disasters with geneaological implications.

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