Significant Hail Parameter (SHiP)

The Sig. Hail Parameter (SHIP) was developed using a large database of surface-modified, observed severe hail proximity soundings. It is based on 5 parameters, and is meant to delineate between SIG (>=2" diameter) and NON-SIG (<2" diameter) hail environments.

SHIP = [(MUCAPE j/kg) * (Mixing Ratio of MU PARCEL g/kg) * (700-500mb LAPSE RATE c/km) * (-500mb TEMP C) * (0-6km Shear m/s) ] / 44,000,000

It is important to note that SHIP is NOT a forecast hail size.

Developed in the same vein as the STP and SCP parameters, values of SHIP greater than 1.00 indicate a favorable environment for SIG hail. Values greater than 4 are considered very high. In practice, maximum contour values of 1.5-2.0 or higher will typically be present when SIG hail is going to be reported.