Historical SELS and SPC Images

Some snapshots of the history of SELS and SPC...

More images will be added and existing images rescanned in JPG format, time permitting.

Operational shift, 1956

KC Fed. Bldg., 911 Walnut, c. 1958 (SELS was on 7th floor)

MIC Don House, 1961

Shift briefing, April 1961

SELS forecast desk, 1967

SELS Workshop, 1971 (17th floor, KC Fed. Bldg., 601 E 12th St)

SELS forecast desk, 1976

Media Workshop, Feb. 1977

SELS staff, 1977

Watch preparation, c. 1978

Shift briefing, 1984

SELS staff, 1985

Operational shift, circa 1993

Former NSSFC staff, 1997 (Fred Ostby retirement dinner)

SPC Lead Forecaster area, early 1998 (NSSL bldg., Norman)

Operational shift, early 1998

Weather Channel TV shoot, spring 1999

SPC staff, 2001

SPC Visit by Steve Burns from "Blues Clues," 2003

Celebration of upgrade from OS/2-based forecast production, 2003

Historical SELS and SPC Forecasts

Timeline of SELS and SPC

A Brief History of the Storm Prediction Center

Historical SELS and SPC Forecasts

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