F-Scale Exercise on Spencer Damage

Selected Scene 1 Slides and Comments by Respondents

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F3: Walls & roofs off, power pole still OK.

F2: Based on the house damage.

F2: Still a lot of walls standing.

F1: Likely poor (sic) constructed house foundation. Surroundings relatively unscarred (power poles, trees, etc.).

F2: Considerable damage, but telephone pole, lines intact.

F1: Winds around 100 mph.

F1: Telephone pole, limbs, power lines still intact; no insulation in lines.

F2: Gut.

F1: Pushed off foundation & telephone pole standing.

F2: Extensive damage to house, displaced, de-roofed.

F0: No house anchoring, part wall removal of mobile home.

F0: House largely intact, utility pole standing.

F1: Telephone pole intact, porch of mobile home in place.

F1: Roof damage to permanent house, mobile home damage. No higher rating due to intact nature of house.

F1: Old house, concrete block foundation, roof not off.

F2: Widespread weak and moderate damage all around the farmstead.

F1: Wires still on pole, house still intact.

F2: Roof and wall torn off mobile home (tied down).

F2: Tree not uprooted, mobile home didn't move, house not destroyed.

F1: Utility pole remains intact. Mobile home tail end ripped off but rest remains. House pushed NE into mobile home (off CMU basement).

F2: Roof.

F1: One end of building would have been more damage had not been for house blocking wind to west of trailer.

F1: House still "sturdy" only roof damage

F1: Trees still intact so not an F2.

F1: Leaves not stripped off trees, nor grass sucked up. Power pole OK.

F2: I wonder how much damage would have been doen if house anchored...perhaps a lot more.

F1: It just slid the house off foundation.

F0: Unanchored house only missing shingles. F1 destroys even anchored mobile homes. Power wires still standing.

F0: House intact, I'd go with F0.

F1: The houe was not well affixed to the foundation cinder blocks, so with such a big side to catch wind it would be easy to move.

F1: Even though it was a "slider" it sounded like it just wasn't constructed well -- also the roof/house was mostly intact.


Lubbock	        Scene 1	

Sample Size	64	
Min F Scale:    0	
Max F Scale:    3	
# F Scales:     4	
Mean F Scale    1.4375
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.681795  

Norman	        Scene 1	

Sample Size	104	
Min F Scale:    0	
Max F Scale:    2.5	
# F Scales:     2.5	
Mean F Scale    1.125
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.416586  

St. Louis       Scene 1	

Sample Size	27	
Min F Scale:    1	
Max F Scale:    2	
# F Scales:     2	
Mean F Scale    1.222
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.423659  


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