F-Scale Exercise on Spencer Damage

Selected Scene 2 Slides and Comments by Respondents

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F4: House completely destroyed but debris still on lot.

F2: Trees still sanding. Debris not swept clean.

F3: No house anchoring but swept away.

F4: Home blown off slab & demolished but not blown off lot. A lot of debris from house on the lot.

F4: Slab gone.

F4: Home gone, large trees snapped.

F4: Building gone.

F2: Disintegration of material. Trees nearly stripped but not sheared.

F4: Houses were leveled. Regardless of being poorly anchored, gotta go with F4.

F4: Tree?

F3: Apparently small, poorly built house destroyed.

F4: Poorly constructed home completely destroyed.

F4/F5: Clean foundation blow.

F4: Total devastation - debris not completely evacuated.

F3: Trees stripped but still standing - structure behind is still together.

F3: Bad tree damage, extensive damage.

F3: Poor construction. Trees trashed pretty good, some fallen down.

F3: Upper F3. Total destruction but lightweight wood frame & no evidence of anchoring.

F2: Poor construction.

F2: House demolished but not anchored. Trees limbless.

F2: Maybe weak F3. Trees in bad shape.

F3: No big pieces of the house anywhere.

F3: Most of vegeation removed from trees, including large limb (probably mainly due to debris).

F3: Even if poorly anchored, damage in area looks major.

F3: Poor building contractors

F2: Could be rated F3 but trees not uprooted & cars probably rolled not thrown.

F4: Would rate F5 except it was a wood frame house. If cement/brick house then woudl rate F5.

F4: Vehicles thrown, home blown some distance from foundation.

F2: Although it was a site built home it acts like a mobile home.


Lubbock	        Scene 2 

Sample Size	64	
Min F Scale:    2	
Max F Scale:    4.5	
# F Scales:     3.5	
Mean F Scale    3.0703125 
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.6952247

Norman	        Scene 2 

Sample Size	104	
Min F Scale:    1	
Max F Scale:    5	
# F Scales:     5	
Mean F Scale    2.990385 
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.766345

St. Louis       Scene 2 

Sample Size	27	
Min F Scale:    4.5	
Max F Scale:    2	
# F Scales:     3.5	
Mean F Scale    3.037037 
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.807726


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