F-Scale Exercise on Spencer Damage

Selected Scene 3 Slides and Comments by Respondents

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F1: Sheet metal shed pliable.

F3: Shed completely removed and tied down (bolt pulled through).

F2: Why not?

F1: F0 if shed unanchored. F1 at most for any shed.

F2: Only a shed.

F3: Bent bolt, well constructed.

F3: Shed seems terribly aerodynamic.

F2/F3: Shed was "light" even though gone, and could have acted as a sail.

none: Can't rate shed damage. Fujita scale does not apply.

F3: Bolt pulled through eyelet of sheet-metal shed tie-down -- shed gone! However -- severe damage in immediate periphery.

F2: Shed anchored. Bolt pulled through anchor.

F2: Bolt with washer stripped! Wellanchored (but relatively light) structure removed.

F1: Tin shed.

F1: Sheds, even anchored, cannot withstand high winds.

F3: I don't know enough - just a guess.

F0: Flimsy building -- wouldn't take much to blow it over.

F4: Shed tied down well, gone.

F4: Winds around 150 mph.

F2: Sheet metal loading responsible for sheared bolt.

F3: Anchored better than houses.

F2: Small tin building only, despite anchoring.

F1: Minimal damage.

F3: High profile light structure, weakness between anchoring cable and anchor.

F2: Not sure of wall-frame connection.

F3: Lower F3. Well-anchored, but sheet-metal construction.

F2: Grazulis says barn removed = up to F2. Never more. Surrounding damage suggests F2-F3.

F3: Not held down but with cables.

F1: Metal sheds have a low weight to high wind ratio.

F0: Basically straight winds could blow it to pieces.

F4: Even with anchoring, building completely blown away.

F2: Shed = mobile home?


Lubbock	        Scene 3

Sample Size	62	
Min F Scale:    1	     
Max F Scale:    4	      
# F Scales:     4	        
Mean F Scale    2.3515625	 
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.9581853	

Norman	        Scene 3

Sample Size	104	
Min F Scale:    0	     
Max F Scale:    5	      
# F Scales:     6	        
Mean F Scale    2.245192	 
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.932153	

St. Louis       Scene 3

Sample Size	27	
Min F Scale:    0	     
Max F Scale:    4	      
# F Scales:     5	        
Mean F Scale    2.4444444	 
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.9337	


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