F-Scale Exercise on Spencer Damage

Selected Scene 6 Slides and Comments by Respondents

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F4: Extensive.

F4: Roof, top floor razed, large tree stripped & split.

F3: Removal of 2nd floor & most inner walls.

F4: Upper floor looked bad.

F3/F4: Stripped/debarked tree.

F3/F4: ?

F4: Apartment nearly destroyed...trees stripped.

F3: Possibly a better constructed building.

F3: Most walls & roof are gone, but one wall remains.

F4: Not completely destroyed but damn near.

F3: Spencer Apts. -- 2nd floor was wood veneer and was slid of. 1st floor which was brick veneer -- tree is highly damaged but still standing.

F3: 2nd floor removed, collapse into first floor. Trees stripped, inner walls down.

F3: Top of apartment gone.

F3: Apartment house severely affected, tree stripped.

F3: Partial building damae, not complete.

F4: Destroyed upper floors, significant damage to lowest level, but exterior walls remaining.

F2: Don't trust that apartments built that well for F3.

F3: Lower F3: brick veneer wall still standing.

F3: Wood gone, brick & tree standing.

F4: All inner walls down, tree mangled, 2nd floor removed.

F3: Why? Looks bad.

F4: Some walls still standing.

F4: Structure with weak foundation blown some distance.

F4: I would consider damage to be devastating. Debris pieces small and generally unidentifiable.

F4: Although apartments were poorly built, it appears from aerial photographs that the debris is pretty well shredded.

F3: Questionable structural integrity & heavy debris field could have led to massive structural failure.

F3: 2nd floor of apartment cleanly ripped off of the 1st which may indicate poor construction.

F2: Didn't take full structure, only unconnected level.

F3: When a tall structure collapses, damage pile will look worse than when a single level structure is destroyed.


Lubbock	        Scene 6

Sample Size	62
Min F Scale:    2
Max F Scale:    4
# F Scales:     3
Mean F Scale    3.0390625
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.5691629

Norman	        Scene 6

Sample Size	104
Min F Scale:    1
Max F Scale:    5
# F Scales:     5
Mean F Scale    2.980769
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.756599

St. Louis       Scene 6

Sample Size	27
Min F Scale:    1
Max F Scale:    4
# F Scales:     4
Mean F Scale    2.703704
Standard Dev-
iation of F:	0.6688


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