SVRPLOT is a software package for IBM-compatible PCs written by John Hart, that NWS forecasters and researchers have been using for several years to analyze and map severe weather events from the historical SPC severe weather archive. The archived database, in SVRPLOT format, is included with this package. This version of the software is in the public domain and there are no legal restrictions on its use beyond those for any other public-domain government material.


Make sure you very closely follow the included instructions or SVRPLOT will not work properly. SVRPLOT files on this page take up a total of nearly 7 megabytes of space and unzip to over 20 megabytes! It is recommended that you have a fast internet connection and at least 40 MB of hard drive space available (to handle current and future data files). You will also need a commercial or shareware file decompression utility compatible with the "PKZIP" and "PKUNZIP" shareware programs. Such programs can be obtained from sources on the Internet by using a search engine such as Yahoo or AltaVista. You must have an IBM-compatible PC (running either DOS or the DOS emulators in Windows 95 or OS/2) and a VGA or better color monitor. We recommend a CPU of at least 486 DX/50, or Pentiums for optimal results; but SVRPLOT will work on most 386 machines.

Downloading SVRPLOT

Download each of these files:

Ater downloading the above files, open a DOS full screen to the directory containing them. Then type SVRINST1 and press "ENTER". If you have any problems with downloading SVRLOT from our site, or with installing via SVRINST1, e-mail Roger Edwards. If you have any questions or problems with running SVRPLOT itself, which the enclosed documentation doesn't solve, then e-mail John Hart.

SVRPLOT ERRATA from John Hart:

  1. To print SVRPLOT graphics, use the GRAPHICS command in conjunction with the print-screen key within DOS. I believe that the print-screen key also works in Win95. Check your DOS manuals for more information.
  2. 1972 severe data has always been bad. I don't know the history, but it is not available.
  3. One extra feature that was not documented: You can specify only severe weather reports in a particular state by adding this line to any SVRPLOT command: STATE=xx , where you substitute the state FIPS number for the letters xx. State FIPS numbers are available on this map.


The following zipped SVRPLOT data files are also available for dowloading. For them to work, these files must be saved into your c:\svr\data directory and then unzipped:
  1. SVR1995, 1995 zipped SVRPLOT wind/hail data file [300K]
  2. TORN1995, 1995 zipped SVRPLOT tornado data file [24K]
A greatly updated version of SVRPLOT for Windows 95 is under development. We will make this new/improved SVRPLOT available as soon as it is finished and de-bugged.


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