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SeverePlot v2 is a graphical database of severe thunderstorm and tornado occurrences in the United States. Datafiles are available from 1950 - 2002, with annual updates expected around July of each year. The program allows customized plots of severe weather reports. Full color plots can be created, with various statistical values also calculated. Tabular data can also be saved in ASCII format for use in other programs.


Windows 95 or later
Pentium CPU
At least 28mb of disk space


Unfortunately, no documentation is available for this program. Its use is quite straight-forward, and a few minutes of working with it should be sufficient to find most of its capabilities.


The software and datafiles are available free of charge.


Latest version of SeverePlot software and datafiles
(Ver 2.5, Approx. 7.9MB)
Updated 11/25/03


This package contains the latest program files and all data through 2002. After you have downloaded the file above, copy it into a directory of its own and "unzip" it. Next, run the program "setup.exe" and follow the prompts. Users of SvrPlot2 prior to 2002 must un-install their old version and re-install this package.

Annual Updates:

Updated program and data files
(2003-2006 ; Approx. 1.3MB)
Updated 06/19/06
Follow the instructions included in the README.TXT file.

Maintenance Programmer:

John Hart
Lead Forecaster
Storm Prediction Center
Norman, Oklahoma


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