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20230905's Storm Reports (20230905 1200 UTC - 20230906 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
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Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
No reports received
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
2050100 Hoyt Lakes St. Louis MN4751 9215 (DLH)
2111200 1 NNE Fort Ripley Crow Wing MN4618 9435 Photo was received showing hail with a quarter with the hail being about twice as large as the quarter in diameter. (DLH)
2125125 1 W Barrows Crow Wing MN4630 9428 (DLH)
2215150 3 NE Southeast Memphis Shelby TN3510 8985 Caller reported large hail up to ping-pong size lasting approximately 5 minutes resulting in small dents on their car. (MEG)
2302150 5 NE Glen Aitkin MN4648 9345 (DLH)
2305200 4 S Kimberly Aitkin MN4650 9348 Photo sent in via social media of egg sized hail measured next to a golf ball. (DLH)
2320150 5 SE Lake Lafayette Johnson MO3890 9391 (EAX)
2322200 Mcgregor Aitkin MN4661 9331 Report via social media with photo. Observer states they had hail of all sizes up to golf ball and egg size shown in photo. (DLH)
2326275 3 SSE Mcgregor Aitkin MN4656 9328 (DLH)
2333100 Kingsville Johnson MO3874 9407 (EAX)
2335150 Kingsville Johnson MO3874 9407 (EAX)
2345100 Holden Johnson MO3871 9399 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (EAX)
0012125 5 S Mannford Creek OK3606 9634 (TSA)
0013100 Girard Crawford KS3751 9484 social media picture of hail in Girard. (SGF)
0014100 5 SSW Mannford Creek OK3606 9637 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (TSA)
0051100 1 E Windsor Henry MO3853 9351 (EAX)
0054100 5 ENE Lake Lawtonka Comanche OK3478 9842 (OUN)
0058100 Montrose Henry MO3826 9398 (EAX)
0208150 2 WSW Bethel Acres Pottawatomie OK3529 9709 Social media picture. Location estimated by radar. (OUN)
1103100 3 SW De Pere Brown WI4442 8809 (GRB)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1956UNK 1 NE Iron Junction St. Louis MN4743 9259 Numerous trees were down onto power lines just off County Road 7 near Old Mesaba and Ramshaw Roads and the railroad tracks. Tree limbs ranged in diameter from 4 to 12 i (DLH)
2020UNK 6 SSE Mckinley St. Louis MN4745 9234 Strong winds with storms knocked several trees down along Vermilion Trail. (DLH)
2030UNK 4 N Makinen St. Louis MN4742 9235 Report via social media with photos. Several small to medium sized trees down and reported power lines down as well. Time estimated from report and radar. (DLH)
2030UNK 6 SE Mckinley St. Louis MN4744 9233 Numerous trees uprooted or snapped off along Bass Lake Rd. Time estimated off radar. (DLH)
2031107 5 S Aurora St. Louis MN4746 9224 Numerous 12+ inch diameter pine trees snapped or uprooted. Trees downed on an outbuilding. Tree diameter estimated by photos. Time estimated by radar. (DLH)
203288 5 S Aurora St. Louis MN4747 9224 12-18 inch diameter pine trees snapped. Diameter estimated from photo. Time estimated by radar. (DLH)
203270 5 S Aurora St. Louis MN4747 9225 Vinyl siding pealed off of a garage. (DLH)
2040UNK Hoyt Lakes St. Louis MN4751 9215 Photos were received showing large tree limbs down in Hoyt Lakes. One limb looked to be at least 2 feet in diameter. (DLH)
204294 1 NE Hoyt Lakes St. Louis MN4752 9214 Large evergreen tree uprooted and fell on a garage. Estimated diameter of the tree is 14 to 18 inches from the photo. Time estimated by radar. (DLH)
204393 3 ESE Hoyt Lakes St. Louis MN4750 9210 Multiple 8-12 inch diameter pine trees uprooted. Diameter estimated by photos. Time estimated by radar. (DLH)
2045 90 3 W Skibo St. Louis MN4749 9206 Multiple 8-10 inch pine and aspen trees snapped or uprooted. Diameter estimated by photos. Time estimated by radar. (DLH)
2109UNK 4 NNE Lovelaceville McCracken KY3701 8879 Late report. A large oak tree was uprooted and another large tree was snapped at its base. Several other large limbs down. Damage occurred at 1230 Gholson Rd. (PAH)
2117UNK12 WNW Isabella Lake MN4770 9159 Storm blew the top of a white pine off. Time estimated off radar. (DLH)
2125UNK14 W Isabella Lake MN4759 9165 Many large trees snapped off 10 feet above ground. Trees uprooted in areas with thin or wet soils. Tree limb through metal roof of cabin. (DLH)
2125UNK14 WNW Isabella Lake MN4769 9164 Several large trees snapped and 24 inch tree uprooted. (DLH)
2138UNK 3 ENE Forest Center Lake MN4781 9125 Numerous trees were reported down on Boga Lake in the BWCA. Time estimated from radar. (DLH)
2145UNK 3 ENE Forest Center Lake MN4781 9125 Trees down around a campsite. Picture of a large tree snapped. Report seen on Twitter. Time estimated by radar. (DLH)
2243UNK 3 NNW Glory Aitkin MN4646 9364 Several trees snapped off. Report and photos via social media. Time estimated off radar. (DLH)
2245UNK 1 SE Wellston Lincoln OK3568 9706 Delayed report. The back porch of a residence was lofted ... landing on a portion of the roof. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
2245UNK Wellston Lincoln OK3569 9706 Large tree split in half and power pole damage. Time estimated via radar. (OUN)
2245UNK Wellston Lincoln OK3569 9707 Powerlines reported down throughout the city of Wellston. Time estimated via radar. (OUN)
2250UNK 4 NNW Glory Aitkin MN4648 9362 Photos showing four pine tree trunks snapped about halfway up. Trees estimated one foot in diameter. (DLH)
2306UNK 1 WNW Wildersville Henderson TN3579 8838 Trees down at intersection of Battleground Dr. and Wildersville Road just south of I-40. Time is radar estimated. (MEG)
2310UNK 4 N Chandler Lincoln OK3576 9689 Delayed report. Damage to the roof and exterior wall of a residence. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
2310 6313 NE Sand Bay Ashland WI4708 9073 Corrects previous non-tstm wnd gst report from 13 NE Sand Bay. Mesonet station DISW3 Devils Island. Marine thunderstorm wind gust from peak gust measurement. (DLH)
2315 7025 SE Lutsen LSZ162 MN4740 9032 61 knot wind gust measured on the Dirk S. VanEnkevort with a sustained wind speed of 54 knots. (DLH)
2320UNK 2 SE Kendrick Lincoln OK3577 9676 Delayed report. Damage to a metal shed and fence. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
2324 68 Westbrook Mitchell TX323510102 Mesonet station UR164 Westbrook (UPR). (MAF)
2324UNK 4 SSW Hopkinsville Christian KY3680 8752 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 4 SSW Hopkinsville. Mostly tree damage reported near Gary Lane and Hillwood Circle. Possible tornado. (PAH)
2325UNK 5 NNW Harrah Oklahoma OK3557 9719 Several power poles blown down. Time estimated via radar. (OUN)
2335UNK 2 WNW Hovland Cook MN4785 9002 Multiple large trees down and power out. Time estimated from radar. (DLH)
2345UNK 4 NE Choctaw Oklahoma OK3553 9721 Power line down. Time estimated via radar. (OUN)
2350UNK Harrah Oklahoma OK3549 9716 Power pole snapped ... leaning on a building. Time estimated via radar. (OUN)
2355UNK 4 E Harrah Lincoln OK3549 9710 *** 1 INJ *** Travel trailer blown over ... landing on a mobile home. Time estimated via radar. (OUN)
2355UNK 2 NNE Harrah Oklahoma OK3552 9715 Delayed report. Four power poles snapped at the base. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
2357UNK 4 NNE Harrah Lincoln OK3555 9714 Delayed report. Large tree blown down ... blocking a portion of the Pottawatomie and Wilshire Road intersection. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
0000 60 Newcastle McClain OK3525 9760 Small tree limbs also reported down. (OUN)
0020UNK 5 WNW Aydelotte Lincoln OK3546 9700 Delayed report. Powerlines down near the intersection of Highway 177 and E 1070 Road. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
0025 61 2 ENE Whiteman Air Forc Johnson MO3874 9352 Home weather station just east of Whiteman AFB. (EAX)
0028UNK 1 E Haynesville Wichita TX3409 9890 Downburst caused damage to power lines ... fences ... and several buildings including one home. Time estimated by radar. (OUN)
0030UNK 2 NNW Bethel Acres Pottawatomie OK3533 9707 Picture showing a portion of a roof removed from a mobile home. (OUN)
0030UNK 5 ENE Rock of Ages LSZ263 MI4791 8916 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 5 ENE Rock of Ages; time of damage is estimated by nearby observations. National Park Service in Isle Royale reported a tree (MQT)
0100UNK 2 SSW Lake Ellsworth Comanche OK3480 9837 Delayed report. Three boathouses damaged on Lake Ellsworth. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
0105UNK 5 N Fort Sill Comanche OK3473 9841 Public reported very strong winds which resulted in tree damage. (OUN)
0108 60 Tecumseh Pottawatomie OK3526 9694 (OUN)
0139 7048 ENE Rock of Ages LSZ264 MI4822 8837 C-MAN station PILM4 53 NNW Eagle Harbor. (MQT)
0140UNK Geronimo Comanche OK3448 9838 Delayed report. Roof removed from a mobile home. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
0150UNK 2 W Stover Morgan MO3844 9302 A tree was reported downed at Highway 52 and Highway 135. Another tree was downed in Versailles and the Ivy Bend area in Morgan CO. (SGF)
0200UNK 1 W Pensacola Mayes OK3645 9515 Strong thunderstorm wind snapped large tree limbs ... and blew down power lines. (TSA)
0207UNK 1 SW Duquesne Jasper MO3707 9447 Reported damage to a metal building. (SGF)
0210UNK 4 W Tye Taylor TX3246 9993 Damage occurred to multiple buildings at Taylor Electric Coop facility. Roofing peeled back ... garage doors bent and imploded ... and power poles knocked down. (Delayed (SJT)
0210UNK Langley Mayes OK3646 9506 Strong thunderstorm wind damaged a restaurant ... snapped large tree limbs ... and blew down power lines. (TSA)
0215UNK Grove Delaware OK3659 9477 Extensive damage to storage building. Boat dock also damaged. (TSA)
0222UNK Eldon Miller MO3835 9258 Reports of trees downed in Eldon and Tuscumbia. (SGF)
0227UNK 3 SW Grove Delaware OK3656 9480 Dock and boat damage at the Grand Lake Sailing Club (Diller cove). (TSA)
0235UNK 3 ENE Washington McClain OK3507 9743 Large tree limbs blown down. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
0237UNK 2 S Sarcoxie Newton MO3704 9412 Delayed report 2 miles S of Sarcoxie on Racoon Rd 4 inch limbs approximately 8 inches long down. (SGF)
0240UNK 1 NW Lake Thunderbird Cleveland OK3524 9724 Several trees damaged near Indian Point Rd. (near Thunderbird Boathouse). Time estimated by radar. (OUN)
0245UNK 7 NW Tankersley Irion TX314210073 Small tree limbs down ... winds estimated over 60 MPH. (SJT)
0250UNK 3 W Pink Cleveland OK3525 9717 Trees down near Harrah Rd and E Tecumseh Rd. Radar estimated time. (OUN)
0253UNK 2 NNE Pink Pottawatomie OK3529 9711 Siding removed from barn with debris strewn across property. Time estimated by radar. (OUN)
0255 58 2 E Wall Tom Green TX313810027 West Texas Mesonet site 2 E Wall measured a 58 mph wind gust. (SJT)
0354UNK Washburn Barry MO3659 9396 Delayed Report. Tree branches around 6 inches snapped ... and power out through Washburn and Seligman. (SGF)
0355 60 2 ENE Grove Delaware OK3660 9474 (TSA)
0451 59 2 SW Bentonville Benton AR3635 9423 (TSA)
0453UNK Bentonville Benton AR3637 9420 Trees down and damage to a gazebo. (TSA)
0505UNK Ava Douglas MO3696 9266 Large limb downed on a home in Ava. (SGF)
0510UNK Bland Benton AR3633 9393 Strong thunderstorm wind blew down a tree. Time estimated based on radar. Report through broadcast media. (TSA)
0543UNK Berryville Carroll AR3637 9357 Several trees and power lines down. (TSA)
0600UNK 1 NNE Bear Creek Spring Boone AR3631 9318 This is a delayed report. A large tree was blown over. (LZK)
0926UNK 1 SSW Naperville DuPage IL4176 8815 Photo shared on social media showing a snapped tree near Edward Hospital in Naperville. Other tree damage also observed in the area. Time estimated from radar. (LOT)
0928UNK 1 ESE Naperville DuPage IL4177 8812 Report relayed via social media of small to medium size branches downed in Naperville. Time estimated by radar. (LOT)
1050 60 3 NE Navy Pier LMZ741 IL4192 8757 (LOT)
1058 60 2 NE Orland Hills Cook IL4161 8782 (LOT)
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