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20240211's Storm Reports (20240211 1200 UTC - 20240212 1159 UTC) (Print Version)
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Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary
240211_rpts Reports Graphic
Tornado Reports (CSV) (Raw Tornado CSV)(?)
1505 2 NNW Richards Grimes TX3057 9584 Storm spotter reported a brief thin tornado just east of FM 1486 Rd near Richards ... TX at 9:05am. (HGX)
Hail Reports (CSV) (Raw Hail CSV)(?)
Time Size LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1220150 1 ENE Athens Henderson TX3221 9584 Picture of 1.5 hail from Athens. (FWD)
1240100 1 SW Coffee City Henderson TX3212 9549 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (FWD)
1240100 4 ENE Moore Station Henderson TX3222 9551 Quarter size hail reported in the Forest Grove POA. (FWD)
1249175 1 SW Noonday Smith TX3224 9541 Golf ball sized hail in Noonday. (SHV)
1249175 Noonday Smith TX3224 9540 Golf ball size hail northeast of Bullard. (SHV)
1250150 6 SSW Noonday Smith TX3216 9544 (SHV)
1251150 4 SSW Tyler Smith TX3228 9533 Ping pong ball sized hail reported at West Grand Blvd and Old Jacksonville Hwy. (SHV)
1253200 2 SW Tyler Smith TX3231 9534 Hail to near egg size at County Road 155 and Loop 323. (SHV)
1257275 1 NE Noonday Smith TX3225 9539 Report of baseball size hail with cars damaged along 155 and loop 49. (SHV)
1257100 3 SSW Tyler Smith TX3229 9531 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (SHV)
1258150 3 SSE Tyler Smith TX3230 9528 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (SHV)
1258125 3 E Tyler Smith TX3233 9525 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (SHV)
1300150 Tyler Smith TX3233 9530 Widespread 1.5 inch sized hail across all of South Tyler attm. (SHV)
1309150 1 WNW New Chapel Hill Smith TX3231 9518 Report relayed to us with a picture. (SHV)
1324175 Tyler Smith TX3232 9530 Report from HAM operator. (SHV)
1332100 1 SSE Kilgore Gregg TX3238 9486 Report via social media from HAM operator. (SHV)
1333250 1 NNE Kilgore Gregg TX3240 9486 Report via social media with picture. (SHV)
1340100 2 S Elkhart Anderson TX3161 9558 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (FWD)
1340125 2 ESE Elkhart Anderson TX3162 9555 Nickel to half dollar size reported near Elkhart. (FWD)
1344275 2 ESE Longview Gregg TX3250 9473 Report via social media with a picture. (SHV)
1347275 2 ESE Longview Gregg TX3250 9473 Corrects previous hail report from 2 ESE Longview with a corrected time. Report via social media with a picture. (SHV)
1407100 1 SSW Hallsville Harrison TX3249 9458 Hailing for over 10 minutes. (SHV)
1422100 6 WNW Alto Cherokee TX3170 9516 Reports of quarter sized hail 7 miles to the south of Rusk. (SHV)
1423175 3 S Marshall Harrison TX3249 9436 Reports of Golf Ball Sized hail at I-20 and HWY 59 south of Marshall. (SHV)
1426150 1 NNW Marshall Harrison TX3255 9435 Reports of Ping Pong ball sized hail falling in Marshall. (SHV)
1430250 2 W Waskom Harrison TX3248 9410 Report from mPING: Tennis Ball (2.50 in.). (SHV)
1432175 9 WNW La Grange Fayette TX2994 9702 Public report of hail up to golf ball size near the intersection of State Highway 71 and Justice Road. (EWX)
1450175 3 ENE Shreveport Caddo LA3249 9375 Golf ball sized hail reported at the KSLA studios on north Line Avenue. (SHV)
1450150 Blanchard Caddo LA3258 9389 Hail measured in Blanchard ... Louisiana. (SHV)
1456175 3 WSW Appleby Nacogdoches TX3170 9466 Corrects time of previous hail report from 3 WSW Appleby. Reports of Golf Ball size hail north of Nacogdoches. (SHV)
1459125 7 SW Round Top Fayette TX2999 9678 Report from mPING Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (EWX)
1501200 5 WNW Shreveport Caddo LA3250 9387 Reports of 2 inch hail near Cross Lake. (SHV)
1503150 3 ENE Blanchard Caddo LA3260 9384 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (SHV)
1507100 1 N Garrison Nacogdoches TX3183 9449 Report of Nickel to Quarter sized hail. (SHV)
1510175 6 ESE Benton Bossier LA3266 9365 Golf ball sized hail reported on the southeast side of Cypress Lake. (SHV)
1513150 4 S Benton Bossier LA3264 9374 Report from mPING: Ping Pong Ball (1.50 in.). (SHV)
1515300 2 W Red Chute Bossier LA3257 9365 Hail lasted about 2 min. measured 3 in hail with ruler. (SHV)
1515100 3 N Bossier City Bossier LA3257 9372 Quarter sized hail in north bossier. (SHV)
1515150 5 S Benton Bossier LA3262 9373 Report through social media. (SHV)
1515100 1 S Benton Bossier LA3268 9374 NWS employee measured 1 inch hail off Lost River Dr. near Benton ... Louisiana. (SHV)
1517200 2 WNW Red Chute Bossier LA3258 9364 Report from mPING: Hen Egg (2.00 in.). (SHV)
1530125 6 WNW Red Chute Bossier LA3262 9370 Delayed Report. (SHV)
1556175 3 WSW Appleby Nacogdoches TX3170 9466 Reports of Golf Ball size hail north of Nacogdoches. (SHV)
1630150 2 E Onalaska Polk TX3081 9507 Spotter reports ping pong size hail. (HGX)
1650100 6 SSE Marion Union LA3281 9220 Hail near quarter size reported near the Linville community. (SHV)
1718150 7 SE Marion Union LA3283 9215 Report from EM with supporting picture. (SHV)
1719100 1 WNW Beekman Morehouse LA3293 9190 (JAN)
1844100 Arcola Washington MS3327 9088 Dime to quarter sized hail fell. (JAN)
190012515 ESE Shepherd Liberty TX3044 9477 Report from mPING: Half Dollar (1.25 in.). (HGX)
1900100 5 W Woodville Tyler TX3076 9451 Quarter size hail. (LCH)
1939100 Warren Tyler TX3061 9440 Picture on Slack. (LCH)
2005100 Spurger Tyler TX3069 9418 Video on Twitter. (LCH)
2015175 Spurger Tyler TX3069 9418 Multiple photos received of hail up to golf ball size in the city of Spurger. (LCH)
2035100 1 NE Leesville Vernon LA3114 9327 Report of hail from Twitter. (LCH)
2125100 Pickering Vernon LA3103 9327 Social media video shows nickel to quarter size hail. Video not in the core of the storm. (LCH)
2229100 1 NW Alexandria Rapides LA3131 9248 Public reports Quarter size hail. (LCH)
2250125 Alexandria Rapides LA3129 9246 media reported multiple hail reports of 1 to 1.25 inches. (LCH)
2311175 5 E Grand Gulf Military Claiborne MS3205 9096 Reported in the Shiloh community. (JAN)
2314200 6 ESE LeTourneau Warren MS3219 9084 Social media photo taken along Dudley Rd. (JAN)
2340100 Pocahontas Hinds MS3247 9029 (JAN)
0030175 2 NNW Goshen Springs Rankin MS3250 8992 (JAN)
0344100 Livingston Livingston LA3050 9075 Public report from Livingston of quarter-sized hail ... winds estimated 40mph and power out. (LIX)
0425100 2 NNE Watson Livingston LA3060 9094 Quarter sized hail starting approx. 10:25 PM lasting for roughly 10 minutes. (LIX)
0445175 1 NNE Hurricane Creek Marion MS3112 8987 Report via social media. Quarter to golfball size hail near Sandy Hook. (JAN)
0513150 3 E Jeanerette St. Mary LA2992 9163 picture sent by EM. (LCH)
0555175 2 NNW Foxworth Marion MS3126 8988 Ping pong to golfball size hail near Foxworth. (JAN)
0556150 2 SSE Expose Marion MS3130 8985 Hail larger than a quarter along MS Highway 13 north of Columbia. (JAN)
0558100 3 NNE Smiths Crossroad Troup GA3299 8500 Deputies reporting quarter size hail on Hamilton Rd at Sam Walker Dr. (FFC)
0602100 Prairieville Ascension LA3030 9097 Photo of hail ... estimated to be around quarter sized. Location in Prairieville off Highway 73. Time estimated from radar. (LIX)
0605150 Prairieville Ascension LA3030 9097 1.5 inch hail (Walnut sized) reported. Small tree limbs down less than 2 inches diameter. (LIX)
0607100 4 E Prairieville Ascension LA3031 9091 Report from mPING: Quarter (1.00 in.). (LIX)
0607175 3 ENE Prairieville Ascension LA3032 9093 Picture of golf ball sized hail by Prairieville High School. Time estimated from radar. (LIX)
0610200 2 ENE Prairieville Ascension LA3031 9093 Photo of hail in various sizes next to a penny ... quarter ... ping pong ball and ruler. Largest hail stone is oddly shaped and may be upwards of 2 inches in diameter or (LIX)
0616175 8 ENE Prairieville Livingston LA3036 9086 Social media report of quarter to golf ball sized hail between Walker and Port Vincent. (LIX)
0619175 8 ENE Prairieville Livingston LA3034 9085 Social media report of golf ball sized hail in Port Vincent. (LIX)
0622100 West Lincoln Lincoln MS3149 9057 Report via social media. (JAN)
0625100 2 S Zetus Lincoln MS3153 9053 Occurred along US 84 west of Brookhaven. (JAN)
0628175 2 W Livingston Livingston LA3051 9077 Estimated hail size. Tree Limbs also broken. (LIX)
0630125 2 NW Brookhaven Lincoln MS3160 9047 Video submitted via social media. (JAN)
0634150 3 E Livingston Livingston LA3051 9070 Photo from the public of around ping pong ball sized hail ... estimated. Time estimated from radar. (LIX)
0655100 1 S Sharon Jones MS3177 8910 Report of quarter size hail. Report relayed to broadcast media via public. (JAN)
0723100 1 S Franklinton Washington LA3083 9014 MPing report of 1 inch hail near Franklinton. Time estimated from radar. (LIX)
Wind Reports (CSV) (Raw Wind CSV)(?)
Time Speed LocationCountyStateLatLonComments
1500 59 3 SW Shreveport Caddo LA3245 9383 ASOS station KSHV Shreveport Regional Airport. (SHV)
1513 62 1 ESE Barksdale Air For Bossier LA3250 9367 AWOS station KBAD Barksdale AFB. (SHV)
1542UNK 5 NNW New Waverly Walker TX3060 9551 Social Media report of damage along I-45 near New Waverly. Limbs down and a roof removed from a bard and sent into the median. (HGX)
1810UNK Girard Richland LA3248 9180 A couple trees were snapped near Girard. (JAN)
2020UNK 2 E Madison Madison MS3247 9008 Tree downed over Hoy Rd. (JAN)
2040UNK 3 S Bolton Hinds MS3231 9046 A tree was down blocking the road on Raymond-Bolton Road near Houston Road. (JAN)
2040UNK 4 E Edwards Hinds MS3233 9053 A tree was down blocking a roadway on Billy Fields Road near DJ Johnson Road. (JAN)
2240UNK 2 NW Pineville Rapides LA3135 9243 Photo received of tree blown down onto fence in Pineville. Time estimated by radar. (LCH)
0219UNK 1 SSE Lydia Iberia LA2991 9178 Corrects time of previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 SSE Lydia. Power outages reported in the community of Lydia. Outage occurred at the time of large hail core falling (LCH)
0314UNK 1 SSE Lydia Iberia LA2991 9178 Power outages reported in the community of Lydia. Outage occurred at the time of large hail core falling out of storm. (LCH)
0536UNK 1 SW Tylertown Walthall MS3111 9015 Photos/Report from the public and local county EM of damage to Tylertown High School. Pictures indicate roof damage. Also report of trees down. Time estimated from rada (LIX)
0637UNK 6 NNW Springfield Livingston LA3051 9058 Multiple trees and power lines down along N. Montpelier Rd between Jacob St and Sziszak St. (LIX)
1015 60 3 ENE Galliano Lafourche LA2945 9026 GAO (South Lafourche Airport) recorded a wind gust of 60 mph. (LIX)
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